20 Farm Sanctuaries to Follow on Facebook

There are many wonderful animal sanctuaries where rescued animals can go to live out their lives in peace.

Visiting or volunteering at a farm sanctuary is a memorable and worthwhile life experience that, if you have the opportunity, you won’t want to miss out on.

Seeing animals being treated with the love and respect they deserve helps to add perspective on why choosing a vegan lifestyle is so important.

Even if you’ve been vegan for years, you rarely get to interact with those whose lives you are helping to save. The unique and heart-warming experience can give you first-hand knowledge and understanding of how wonderful and intelligent these beings really are.

But, there are more animals that need to be saved than could ever fit into all of the farm sanctuaries.

Farm Sanctuaries to Follow

What’s special about these farm sanctuaries?

To create real change, we need to help save animals beyond what individual sanctuaries are able to do.

That is why, to stop more animals from being born into factory farming, many sanctuaries advocate a vegan lifestyle, or at least a vegan diet.

Starting with the food you put on your plate, you can help to end the cruelty that so many animals are subjected to.

These are some of the farm sanctuaries that make the connection for their visitors between animal agriculture and our lifestyle choices, providing resources to help people go vegan.

Making this connection is important because to be truly in favour of animal rights you first have to stop putting animal products on your plate.

Here are 20 Farm Sanctuaries to Follow on Facebook:

1. Uplands PEAK Sanctuary

Founded by Mark and Michelle Pruitt, part of their mission is to educate the public on the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle along with sustainability.

The Sanctuary covers 20 acres right in the middle of the animal agricultural region of Salem, Indiana. Along with its’ initial residents Andy and Annie, backyard butcher escapees, Uplands PEAK Sanctuary has been open since the fall of 2013. Their visiting program started in June 2014.

Not only does Uplands PEAK Sanctuary support a vegan lifestyle, in fact recognising veganism is one of their core tenets.

The Sanctuary connects visitors and animal residents with the hope of encouraging compassion and acknowledgement of the importance of a vegan lifestyle.

Find more information on their website.

2. Catskill Animal Sanctuary

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary is located in Hudson Valley, New York on 110 acres dedicated to rescued horses and farmed animals. The sanctuary has and continues to be committed to emergency rescue of many animals.

However, they are also committed to educating the public about the sentience of these animals as well as the negative consequences of agribusiness and cruelty to animals that affects animals, humans, and the planet alike.

The Sanctuary was founded in 2001 by Kathy Stevens and Jesse Moore and has housed 3500 animals so far, many of whom Catskill has found loving homes for. Rescued horses, food farm animals, animals in need, Catskill helps them all.

For all the animals that are adopted through them, they make sure to supervise the transition period to ensure that everything goes smoothly and all parties are set up for a happy and healthy life together.

Further, actively promoting a vegan lifestyle, the Sanctuary also offers Compassion Cuisine. Compassion Cuisine is a vegan culinary program where people can learn to prepare meals following a vegan diet, helping people to take the first step on the road to living a vegan lifestyle.

Find more information about Compassion Cuisine on the Catskill Animal Sanctuary website.

3. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded by Jenny Brown and Doug Abel in 2004. Originally based in Woodstock, New York, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary relocated to High Falls, NY in 2015.

Home to a variety of rescued farm animals, others stay before moving onto permanent homes elsewhere. Part of their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and care for these animals.

School field trips and other groups of children that visit are given the opportunity to see these animals for the unique beings that they are.  The Sanctuary is a place where their capacity for love, curiosity, and intelligence can be experienced first hand.

Helping to make the direct link between animal agriculture and the food on your plate, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary provides resources for going vegan on their website. Some of these resources include answers to frequently asked questions about the vegan diet and lifestyle.

Farm Sanctuaries to Follow

4. Freedom Hill Sanctuary

Freedom Hill Sanctuary began with inspiration gained from getting to know Lynn lamb, their first rescue, in the summer of 2011.

Founded by Kym Henley, Freedom Hill Sanctuary is now situated on 48-acres outside of Woodside in the Adelaide Hills of Australia. With the assistance and support of her daughter Kelly, the Freedom Hill Sanctuary continues to grow and welcome many more rescued animals.

Sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and horses all call Freedom Hill Sanctuary home.

Wanting to encourage further education and cruelty-free living, they have also started Vegan Online, a place where you can find vegan foods and other products.

Through Freedom Hill Sanctuary`s website you can link to vegan shopping on Vegan Online, or you can visit Freedom Hill`s online shop with vegan t-shirts and other items that support the Sanctuary.

5. Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

Originally from the UK, the founder of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary moved to Spain with the intent to be closer to nature.

Along the way they found their purpose once they realised the truth about farm animals and discovered the vegan lifestyle. Instead of letting the reality of animal agriculture overwhelm them, they decided to do something about it.

So, in January 2013 they opened the first sanctuary in Galicia, Northern Spain for rescued farm animals. They continue to be home to a growing family of rescued animals.

For more about Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary visit their Facebook page or their website.

Farm Sanctuaries to Follow

6. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary 

The only vegan and no kill sanctuary in South America, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a 2-hectare farm located outside of Bogota, Columbia.

They are the only animal sanctuary in South America to protect cows along with other farm animals.

Educate and vegan advocacy is one of Juliana`s Animal Sanctuary`s three main projects with the aim to explain the reasoning and value of a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Juliana’s Animals Sanctuary is also an affiliate Food for Life Global, 209 vegan food relief programs that together serve up to 2 million meals each day world wide.

Find out more on Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary website.

7. El Hogar ProVegan

Elena Tova is the sanctuary founder, and she is now a director along with Jonás Amadeo Lucas of El Hogar ProVegan.

El Hogar encourages interactions between human animals and non-human animals to educate and bridge the gap of understanding. Being in contact with them in a sanctuary setting puts a face, personality, and voice to the animals.

Their website seeks to educate visitors about the various aspects of the vegan lifestyle and the reality of how animals are used and abused by humans for a number of purposes.

The Sanctuary is located in Tarragona, Spain on 30 hectares where the climate is mild and suitable for all of the animals in residence.

You can also follow their Spanish Facebook page and learn more about El Hogar ProVegan on their website.

8. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

In the heart of Texas where there once stood a cattle ranch is now a vegan farm animal sanctuary that is inspiring many. The Rowdy Girl Sanctuary now provides a place where farm animals can live out their days in peace and surrounded by love.

Having adopted a vegan lifestyle, Renee wanted to do more. She couldn’t stand to see the animals on their cattle ranch being sent off to slaughter.

Thus, born out of compassion the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was started by Renee and her husband Tommy, and it is proof that change is possible. One person can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many others.

Not only for farm animals, the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is also a place of hope and encouragement for humans seeking to better the lives of all animals.

The compassion of one individual now saves and betters the lives of many. And with plenty of links to vegan resources, the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is helping to save even more.

In addition to rescuing animals, the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is also in the process of converting their former cattle ranch into a veganic farm. You can learn more about the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary on their website.

9. Brightside Farm Sanctuary

In 2006, Emma Haswell founded Brightside Farm Sanctuary. Now home to 250 animals, the Sanctuary comprises 50-acres in the Huon Valley of Tasmania, Australia.

Brightside fosters many of the animals that come through their gates, finding over 300 forever homes for rescued animals including many greyhounds.

A vegan animal rights campaigner seeking to save animals from suffering, Brightside Farm Sanctuary is also involved in animal rights campaigns.

In addition, Brightside promotes a vegan diet, educating visitors about factory farming and ethical eating.

Find out more on their website.

Farm Sanctuaries to Follow

10. Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary

The sanctuary was founded by the Poole family in 1999 and is a country property outside of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Cedar Row originally started out in wildlife rescue before they were made aware that there was an urgent need for somewhere for rescued farm animals to go. After moving to the country Cedar Row had the space to suit these animals.

Over time rescuing farm animals became their primary focus, so they became Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary. Many of the animals are then adopted by hobby farms and other forever homes where they can live out their lives in peace.

Cedar Row is now home to a wide variety of rescued animals including: pigs, cows, goats, donkeys, rabbits, ducks, and more. They also take in large scale rescues each September of battery hens that are being “cleaned out” of farms.

On their website and blog they promote making food choices and moving to a vegan diet to help stop the cruelty to animals and hold a vegan barbecue with their open house each summer.

11. Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Leilani Farm Sanctuary is made up of an 8-acre farm in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii with the aim of being a paradise for humans and animals.

Home to a variety of animals, Leilani Farm Sanctuary has educational programs for children and adults where people can interact with the animals.

In particular, animals and children share a unique bond and the two can learn from one another. Leilani recognises that interaction with non-human animals is especially beneficial to those who have come from troubled homes.

Education can be found on their website regarding the truth about animal agriculture and how a vegan diet is a positive action you can take.

Learn more on their website.

12. Calf Sanctuary

Calf Sanctuary is based in the United Kingdom and has been in operation since 2010.

Promoting a vegan lifestyle, Calf Sanctuary comes complete with their own vegan café and take-a-way, Calf Café, in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. You can also find links to online vegan stores and recipes for a vegan diet on their website.

Calf Sanctuary is currently raising donations to help fund a move to a new location after being told they would no longer be able to continue their tenancy at their current location.

There are only a couple of weeks left to raise the funds they need to keep Calf Sanctuary going. So, if you’d like to help them out you can do here or through links on the Calf Sanctuary website.

You can also learn more about the Help Duke fundraiser on the Help Duke website which was set up by a dedicated follower of Duke (a cow rescue) and Calf Sanctuary.

13. Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary

Founded in 2014, Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary began after Gabrielle and Peter brought two rescued farm chickens to live with them on their 40-acre farm.

Located in Montague, New Jersey, many of the residents of the Tamerlaine farm sanctuary came from the streets of New York.

Learning that roosters are some of the more difficult rescued farm animals to find permanent homes for, the Tamerlaine farm sanctuary acquired more rescued chickens into their family, along with other rescued farm animals.

Tamerlaine recently started welcoming visitors which they hope to offer and encourage beneficial interactions with farm animals. By sharing the stories of the rescues they also want to educate others about factory farming and help to create positive change.

To raise funds for the Sanctuary, they sell t-shirts and merchandise as well as hot sauce and other specialty food items both at market and through their website.

Farm Sanctuaries to Follow

14. The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats

Carol and Julian Pearce went from producing award-winning goat cheese to making vegan cheese that raises funds for their farm sanctuary.

They founded the farm sanctuary in 2015, but they have been rescuing farm animals for years.

Visit their website to learn about the story of Hope, a goat whose journey and health recovery is the direct result of the knowledge, patience, and love embodied by The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats.

15. Animal Place

Founded by Kim Sturla and Dr. Ned Buyukmihci Established in 1989, Animal Place is comprised of 600-acres in Grass Valley, California making it one the largest farm sanctuaries in the US.

Like many farm sanctuaries they also offer adoptions, but Animal Place has an entire adoption Rescue Ranch dedicated to finding loving, forever homes for rescued farm animals.

Through the Animal Place website there are many resources that help to educate visitors on the issues relating to animal and factory farming. They make the connection between animal agriculture and a vegan diet and lifestyle and providing information on their website to help people make those changes.

16. Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary began in 1986 and has grown to now having multiple locations with one in New York and two in California.

A farm sanctuary is not the only way that animals in factory farming can be saved. So, as an act of animal advocacy the Farm Sanctuary founder, Gene Baur will be running in the Catalina marathon to show that you can be fit on an animal-free diet.

Farm Sanctuary promotes vegan living and encourages people to eliminate animal products from their diet with resources and guides on the Farm Sanctuary website to learn about a vegetarian and vegan diet.

You can also learn more about Farm Sanctuary in Living the Farm Sanctuary Life, a book written by Gene Baur.

17. The Happy Herd

Since 2014, The Happy Herd has been officially located on 4 acres in the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Home to many animals, their family has grown to include cows, pigs, cats, dogs, goats, chickens, and more.

The Happy Herd realises the importance of education and changing how people often underestimate the intelligence and emotional awareness of non-human animals.

Dedicated to the vegan lifestyle, on their website you will also find recipes to help encourage people to follow a vegan diet.

18. Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary began in 1996 and is a 400-acre sanctuary for farm animal rescues and wildlife.

The Poplar Spring sanctuary is located in Poolesville, Maryland and hosts annual vegan events including the Poplar Spring Run for the Animals and Thanksgiving with the Turkeys.

Find out more on the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary website.

19. The Gentle Barn

An animal sanctuary you won’t want to miss is The Gentle Barn.

Ellie Laks, one of the sanctuary’s co-founders, is the author of My Gentle Barn. Sharing the history of how The Gentle Barn came to be, the book also incorporates much of Ellie’s personal journey.

Over the years, The Gentle Barn has grown and has become a place where at-risk youth and rescued animals can come together and form life-changing bonds.

One thing is for sure, that the story of The Gentle Barn is certainly one that will touch your heart.

You can follow The Gentle Barn on Facebook and visit their website to learn more about the incredible things they do.


20. Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Not yet an official farm sanctuary, Freedom Farm Sanctuary is currently in the process of becoming the first farm sanctuary in Israel.

Named after Freedom the calf, Freedom Farm Sanctuary is just getting started and can use all the support it can get.

The Sanctuary will be complete with a healthy, plant-based snack bar and restaurant to share the vegan diet and lifestyle with others.

Learn more about Freedom Farm Sanctuary and how you can make their dream become reality on their website.

Why visit a farm sanctuary?

Visiting a farm sanctuary is just the experience many people need to truly make the connection between the food on their plate to the wonderful creatures that are full of life and love.

Realising how similar we all are, humans and non-human animals alike, is an important step to beginning a vegan lifestyle.

Compassion is a beautiful thing, and by visiting a farm sanctuary you can see it in action

Animal sanctuaries are often looking for volunteers, so why not be helpful while making a life-changing connection with the animals you seek to have compassion for with a vegan lifestyle.

Through a farm sanctuary of your choice you can virtually adopt individual rescued animals and support the work of the farm sanctuary by giving donations.

However, by visiting, you will experience first hand the benefits of the work they do and have the opportunity to more deeply appreciate the importance of living a vegan lifestyle.

The more people who live vegan, the more animals can be saved.

Get vegan cookbooks for you or give them as gifts for someone who could use a jump-start with the vegan lifestyle.

As you’ll likely see, running a farm sanctuary is certainly hard work, but it’s also very rewarding.

Often the time, dedication, resources, and love shown to each rescued farm animal is heart-warming.

Although going vegan doesn’t always mean you often get to see first-hand the direct results of your actions, visiting a farm sanctuary will give you a few faces to put to those lives you help everyday by living a life motivated by compassion.

Visit the resources section to find a farm sanctuary in your area.

Have another favourite farm sanctuary that shares the importance of a vegan diet and lifestyle? Please share in the comments below.

19 responses to “20 Farm Sanctuaries to Follow on Facebook

  • Marianne
    4 years ago

    You forgot Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue in Wantage NJ! I’ve been to a few sanctuaries and this one is my favorite. It’s truly magical and the animals ALWAYS come first.

  • You should add Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue to bring the total to 20. 🙂

  • There is another great sanctuary in NJ called Skylands Sanctuary. They rescue all types of farm animals and promote veganism. Mike Stura runs the sanctuary and is beloved by every cow or calf he meets. http://skylandssanctuary.org/

  • Lisa Zeankowski
    4 years ago

    Great article but you missed a very important local animal sanctuary that runs 100% volunteer that Animal Sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue, this is this very same one that rescued Freddie, the steer that escaped Slaughter in Queens and made all of the new stations. This animal sanctuary is located in Wantage New Jersey and is 100% volunteer-run And they do amazing work besides rescuing the animals they run tours charging only a donation they offer vegan BBQs to their guests and in addition to the tour’s they teach about veganism. I would love you to please mention them in your article whether is a correction or a new article, Mike Stura not only rescues animals but he helps turn people into vegans…as he did me almost 7 months ago, after that day at the sanctuary I never went back and it has significantly changed my life as well as my health which was a fringe benefit.

  • Michele
    4 years ago

    Please add Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey run by Mike and Wendy Stura.

  • Cheryl Lanier
    4 years ago

    Please repost with Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage NJ. They are a wonderful animal sanctuary that needs to be mentioned also!

  • Laura Slitt
    4 years ago

    I’m enamored with these sanctuaries as I am with growing demand for plant based products. The new plant based trade group and New Crop Capital investment firm, along with The Good Food Institute, promise exponential growth and investment opportunity in vegan food production companies.

    My hope is to find a grant writer to assist me in turning my own small property in Bartlett,NH, where I’ve lived for thirty years, into a pig sanctuary. I already care for three rescued Pot Bellied Pigs.
    if I had the money, I could expand on this and turn my place into a children’s educational and activity center that teaches children the real personality of pigs.
    Anyone know of grant opportunities or how I can learn to write a successful one for this purpose?

  • You forgot Skyland Sanctuaries in Wantage NJ

  • Linda Nelson
    4 years ago

    Please add The Pig Preserve in TN run by Richard and Laura Hoyle. It is the very best place for farmed pigs! They certainly support a vegan life.

  • Edgar’s Mission in Lancefield Victoria needs to be added. Run by Pam Ahern and amazing crew. It is one of the most powerful advocacy sanctuaries around and has contributed to positively changing people more than most.

  • Please add Full Circle Farm Sanctuary…where Compassion comes ’round to roost. Thank you!

  • I’d love it if you could include my rescue next time! We are called Big Red Rooster Cockerel Rescue and we are the only designated cockerel rescue in the United Kingdom. We currently have almost 100 residents, mostly cockerels but we take in hens too. We have a website http://www.bigredrooster.org.uk and you can find us on Facebook

  • susan morris
    4 years ago

    You missed a ton here in Ontario, Canada…..Wishing Well Sanctuary, Ruby Ranch, Ralphy’s Retreat, Frog Hollow, Home Free, RR Refuge, Forever Esther.

  • Relax everyone; they chose 18, not 400….

  • Rita Morgan
    4 years ago

    Pasado’s Safe Haven near Seattle Washington! Also Pigs Peace in Stanwood Washington. They even run a vegan store in Seattle!

  • Please add PreetiRang Sanctuary !!

  • Need to add The Gentle Barn! Two locations, California and Tennessee. I sponsor a lovey goat named Braveheart and got a Valentine from Dudley, a rescued cow….best Valentine ever!

  • Edgar’s Mission and Happily Ever Esther! 🙂

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