40 Easy Vegan Snacks

Easy Vegan Snacks

You’ve had a long day, and you want a quick bite to eat.

Just to tie you over.

That’s what’s great about these easy vegan snacks. For those times when you don’t want to make anything, but you’d still like a tasty snack, here are some vegan snack ideas.

How do you know if it’s vegan?

When checking for vegan snack foods and brands, look for a V or some mention of it being vegan. Even if it is labelled, however, always read ingredients carefully. Often products are mistakenly labelled vegan.

Additionally, many products that don’t contain animal products are not necessarily certified vegan, due to production methods or other reasons.

So, when you’re looking at the labels, there are a number of ingredients to look out for and avoid. Many flavourings and additives contain animal products. But, some of the main ingredients to beware of include: honey, beeswax, milk products, whey, gelatin, lactose, carmine, and casein. Find out if an ingredient is vegan or not.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, but it’s still good to be aware.

Check the ingredients out for yourself and decide if you feel comfortable eating them.

But, to make it a bit easier…

Here’s a list of 40 easy vegan snacks:

Note: This list of vegan snack food is not exhaustive by any stretch, but a place to start for sure. Many of these vegan foods are gluten-free too, which, along with the oil-free* options, are noted for those interested. They’re also roughly arranged by type, so you can scroll through and see the ones that interest you most.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Dried Fruit, Fruit Snacks & Veggie Crisps

1. That’s It.*

That’s It. dried fruit bars are made with pure dried fruit. Plain and simple. Yet, they are filled with flavour. Heck, these healthy vegan snacks are fuelling astronauts! Read how That’s It. fruit bars joined astronauts on the International Space Station. Well, if they’re good enough for astronauts…

2. Hippie Foods

Hippie Foods makes garden chips, as well as raw, nut-based cookies, gluten free granola, and coconut chips. Their snacks are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. If you’re looking for where to buy them, you can find some of the Hippie garden chips, snacks, and cookies on Vegan Supply. Hippie Foods is also a B Corp. Learn more about B Corporations.**

3. Bare Snacks*

No oil, just fruit. Bare Snacks fruit chips are all natural, gluten-free, healthy vegan snacks. They come in flavoured apple, banana, and coconut chips, as well as plain. Bare Snacks is also a B Corp.

4. Super Eats

Super Eats kale & chia chips, and kale crisps offer a number of vegan flavours. Does Hickory BBQ or Sriracha sound good? Or you can stick with Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.

5. Made in Nature*

Made in Nature products include organic sun-dried fruit, fruit snacks, and kale and coconut chips. Dried fruit makes for a nice, healthy snack, and it’s something that travels well too, especially if you have to stuff it in a bag when you’re on the go.

6. Barbara’s*

Barbara’s fig bars, come in multigrain and raspberry. They are quick, oil-free, and healthy vegan snacks that are tasty and satisfying.

7. Veggie Go’s*

Veggie Go’s dried fruit and veggie strips are a nutrient-packed fruit and vegetable snack with no added sugar, and that kids love too. Their fruit and veggie combo make for 1/2 serving of fruit and 1/2 serving of vegetables per snack. And their slender packaging makes them simple to carry around, so they’ll fit into lunches or can be packed as a snack with ease. They come in a variety of flavours, including Mountain Berry Spinach and Sweet Potato Pie.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Crackers & Rice Cakes

8. Mary’s Gone Crackers*

Mary’s Gone Crackers has organic, vegan and gluten-free crackers, pretzels, and cookies. A variety of herbed and seasoned options, Mary’s Gone Crackers and Pretzels are oil-free too.

9. Lundberg Rice Crackers & Cakes*

Lundberg’s vegan snacks include crackers, rice cakes, and chips. Most Lundberg rice cakes and crackers are oil-free too. Spread a vegan dip or nut butter on top, or enjoy them as is.

10. Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps*

Edward & Sons brown rice snaps come in a variety of vegan flavours, and they’re all gluten-free. A number of their brown rice snaps are oil-free as well, and they go well with hummus or salsa!

11. Ryvita Crispbreads*

Ryvita crispbreads make for a satisfying cracker. They go well with a dip or spread, and they can stand up to having veggies piled on top. Most Ryvita crispbread flavours are vegan and oil-free, just check the ingredients to be sure.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Bread & Sandwich Fillings

12. Silver Hills Breads*

Silver Hills Bakery’s breads are made from sprouted and ancient grains, and they have buns, bagels, and gluten free options too. Make a sandwich and load it up with veggies, hummus, vegan cheese, or any other preferred filling. Silver Hills Breads are oil-free as well, although organic sunflower oil is used on the equipment.

13. Bute Island Sheeses 

If you’re a cheese fan, Bute Island Food’s Sheeses are what you’re looking for. They offer quite a selection of vegan cheese blocks, as well as vegan cheese slices and a number of vegan creamy cheese flavours. Spread some garlic & herb creamy “sheese” on a bagel for a filling snack.

Especially these days, being vegan certainly doesn’t mean you need to feel deprived or forgo your favourite snacks.

14. Field Roast Chao Cheese

With new, plant-based flavours, Chao cheeses are made from coconut and tofu. Chao vegan cheese slices go well melted in a sandwich or veggie cheese burger. Or, you can feature them as the main ingredient, since they make a great grilled cheese sandwich!

15. PB2*

Bell Plantation’s PB2 is an oil-free, powdered peanut butter. You just add water and stir. The next time you’re looking for a satisfying, yet healthy and lower fat peanut butter sandwich, PB2 is your answer.

16. Engine 2 Hummus*

A plant-strong dip, Engine 2 Hummus is oil-free and, like all hummus, can be used in so many ways. Whether you like your hummus with vegetables sticks or crackers, or spread in a sandwich or wrap, hummus is a great snack food to have in the house for those times when you need a bit to eat between meals.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Oatmeal, Soups, etc…

17. Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods*

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods are vegetarian, vegan, oil-free, gluten-free, and make for excellent healthy snack options. Soup, pilaf, and oatmeal cups or packets just need hot water and they’re ready to eat! Making for a good backpacking food, read a review of Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Pad Thai on A Wonderful Vegan Life.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Energy Bars & Shakes

18. Vega Bars & Shakes

Vega bars and shakes are good for before or after a workout, or when you’re on the go. Many, if not all, Vega products are gluten-free too. Have an energy bar in your bag or in your car, so you have it on hand to nip hunger in the bud.

19. Taste of Nature Bars

Taste of Nature organic food bars come in a dozen flavours and colourful packaging. Made with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, these will be sure to fill you up.

20. Bearded Brothers Snack Food Bars

Packed with organic, whole plant foods, Bearded Brothers vegan snack food bars make quite the nutritious snack. Soy and gluten-free and made with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, these energy bars should tie you over when you’re out on a hike or just running errands around town.

21. Earnest Eats

Earnest Eats have satisfying energy and granola bars with oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. They also have hot cereals made with oat, quinoa, and amaranth that you can find on Vegan Cuts.

22. The Gluten Free Bar

The Gluten Free Bars and Bites are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, and they’ve got some tasty flavours you’re not going to want to miss, like Coconut Cashew Crunch, Chocolate Cherry Almond, PB & J, Oatmeal Raisin, and the new Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter. They’re also B Corp certified.

Easy Vegan Snacks

Chips, Pretzels & Popcorn

23. Nom Popcorn 

Naturally, Organic Matters makes vegan popcorn as well as organic, vegan oat bars. Sweet and salty flavoured vegan popcorn gives you the best of both worlds. Yumm!

24. Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips

There are a variety of Beanfields bean and rice chips, now with NEW barbecue and ranch flavours.

25. Popchips

Popped potato chips. Much lighter compared to traditional potato chips, yet they’ve still got a satisfying crunch. Find out which flavours are vegan by visiting the FAQ page, and scrolling down to “are popchips vegan?”

26. Garden of Eatin’

Garden of Eatin’ corn chips are a great, dip-able easy vegan snack. They go well with salsa, hummus, or your favourite bean dip. They have an unsalted variety as well, if you’re looking for something low sodium.

27. Beanitos Bean Chips

Beanitos bean chips are available in a number of vegan flavours. Depending on the flavour, these bean chips can be made from pinto, navy, or black beans and long grain rice, creating unique and satisfying chips.

28. Late July

Late July makes flavourful organic, gluten-free, and vegan corn chips. Made from whole grains and with a touch of sweetness, these chips are often hard to stop eating. You may want to try out their corn chips made with Sweet Potato, for a sweet and salty snack.

29. Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own Pretzels, for the pretzel lover. These pretzels always make a good snack food. It’s just stopping that’s the hard part. So good luck with that!

30. Tyrell’s Potato Crisps

Tyrell’s crisps are made with potato and root vegetables, and they come in a number of vegan flavours. They’ve got even some unique varieties too, like these Merry Chrisp-Mas red & white vegan crisps.

31. Boom Chicka Pop

Boom Chicka Pop offers a bunch of gluten-free and vegan popcorn flavours. Salted Caramel, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet & Spicy popcorn are a few of the tasty options to choose from.

Easy Vegan Snacks


32. Dr. Lucy’s

Dr Lucy’s cookies and brownies are gluten-free and vegan. Chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies; ginger snaps; and more.

33. Emmy’s Organics

Emmy’s macaroons, cereal, and chocolate sauce are all gluten-free and vegan. And they have so many types of macaroons too, like Chocolate Chip and Lemon Ginger!

34. Nairn’s Oatcakes

Nairn’s offers a number of vegan oatcakes, as well as gluten-free oatcakes made with wholegrain, uncontaminated oats. Nairn’s uses sustainable palm oil.***

Easy Vegan Snacks

Marshmallows & Sweets

35. Dandies Marshmallows*

Dandies vegan marshmallows are made by Chicago Vegan Foods and come in classic vanilla, mini, and pumpkin flavoured. No high fructose corn syrup or gelatin in these. They’re 100% vegan, yet have the same great taste and texture. And they’re oil and gluten-free too!

36. Premium Chocolatiers

Premium Chocolatiers has vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free chocolate treats. Their vegan chocolate truffles make for the perfect gift… or snack!

37. Surf Sweets Vegan Gummies*

There’s a selection of Surf Sweets vegan gummies including fruity bears, organic peach rings, sour worms, amongst others. These are made with organic fruit juice, and they’re gluten-free too. It’s nice some vegan gummies!
Easy Vegan Snacks

Ice Cream & Pudding

38. So Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Soy, coconut, and cashew milk based So Delicious dairy-free ice creams. They’re available in vanilla, chocolate, mint chip, caramel, cookie dough (a gluten-free option), neapolitan, and more! These really are SO delicious vegan ice creams.

39. Coconut Bliss

Coconut Bliss ice creams and bars are made with organic coconut milk and come in a variety of flavours: cherry amaretto, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel & chocolate… Need we say more?

40. Zen Soy*

Zen Soy vegan, soy milk puddings in vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate/vanilla swirl, are the perfect snack size.

And, if happen to be over on the West Coast, in the Vancouver, BC area, you’re going to want to stop in and check out the Vegan Pudding Co. They have some truly original pudding flavours, made from kabocha squash and coconut milk. Same great texture, but dairy and egg-free!

Vegan Gum

Not exactly a snack, but if you’re looking for some gum, try Pür Gum. Vegan gum in a bunch of flavours, Püm Gum has mints too. And everything is gluten-free. This’ll provide you with something to chew on while you plan your next meal.

Pür Gum is aspartame-free too, which is a bonus in its’ own right!

So go try these vegan snack ideas! They’ll prove to you that you don’t need to compromise taste on a vegan diet.

You can find more easy vegan snacks on Vegan Cuts.


* These products are oil-free vegan snacks.

**B Corps are “for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.” Learn more about B Corporations.

*** These companies use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (CSPKO). Learn more about Sustainable Palm Oil and the requirements for certification, devised by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Learn about Palm Oil and how Palm Oil can be made more sustainably.

Decide for yourself how you feel about palm oil.

Vegan snack foods can make good gifts. As do these Gift Ideas for Vegans.

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