50 Awesome Vegan Athletes to Follow on Social Media

Every day there are more plant-based athletes.

It’s only natural. A plant-based diet is the healthiest way to go.

And it’s pretty simple, really. The better you feel, the better you’re likely to perform. People will catch on to that.

Eating a plant-based diet and being active are two important components of a healthy lifestyle. They go hand-in-hand.

vegan athletes

But, fitting physical activity into our already busy lives can sometimes be a challenge.

Anything from the weather, work, or just the comforting draw of the couch after a long day can take you off course.

The key is to find inspiration to keep you focused. To remind you what you really want.

Seeing others pursuing their interests can do just that.

Fortunately, in a modern world you can find all the inspiration you need with a few clicks of the mouse.

The perfect way to find inspiration for living an active life is by following some of the top athletes in their fields. Athletes who also happen to be vegan.

From hiking to cycling to weightlifting, there are vegan athletes of all persuasions out there.

Living an active life is not just about health. It can also be about letting others know, showing people that you can do the things you enjoy without harming others.

Being vegan shouldn’t stop you from being your best. If anything, it can help you be better.

Eat plants. Move your body. Live with compassion. It’s a simple recipe that has a positive impact.

As a vegan athlete you are provided with a means of activism, a way to be a “voice” for the animals and the planet.

It can also be a way to show others that you can thrive on a vegan diet. Particularly, a diet comprised of whole plant foods certainly won’t stop you from achieving athletic success.

But being a great vegan athlete isn’t just about competing. It’s about loving what you do. It’s about getting out there, day after day, simply because you want to.

It’s about pushing your own boundaries, whether through competition or planning your next outdoor adventure.

Excelling at what they do, these are 50 inspiring vegan athletes you can follow on social media.

Vegan Athletes to Look Out For:


Vegan Athletes

1. Robert Cheeke

A long-time voice for the animals and plant-based athletics, Robert Cheeke is a well-known vegan athlete. With an ever-present positive attitude and a passion for helping others he has made quite an impact. In a large part Robert’s his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge on plant-based fitness and bodybuilding a community of vegan athletes has developed. You can follow Robert for more vegan bodybuilding news and tips.

2. Rich Roll

An ultra athlete who promotes the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. You can also listen to his podcasts where he interviews inspirational people from various walks of life, sharing their stories and life lessons. Find out who he’s currently interviewing and what he’s getting up to. Putting his experiences and advice to paper, you can also read his book Finding Ultra. This first book shared his tips for living a healthy, active, plant-based life at any (and every) age. He later co-wrote The Plantpower Way with his wife, Julie about the power of a plant-based diet. This second book focuses on plant-based recipes.

3. Tim Shieff

Tim Shieff is open to trying out many different athletic endeavours, but his main sport of interest has been parkour. An accomplished athlete from the UK, he has won numerous international competitions and freerunning championships. Tim is also a vocal voice for the animals and ethical living which led him to create vegan designed clothing. He shares the vegan message along with many of his athletic and travel adventures on YouTube. Keep up-to-date with his latest travels.

4. Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness

A website started by Robert Cheeke, Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness contains information for vegan athletes. With nutrition and training advice, tips for getting started, profiles of vegan athletes, and a forum to connect with others the site is a great resource. Robert Cheeke has also authored books on health, fitness, and bodybuilding promoting a plant-based approach. You can follow Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness here.

5. Torre Washington

A long-term vegan and professional bodybuilder, Torre has broken down misconceptions as a vegan athlete. Influenced by his Rastafarian roots and its’ focus on natural foods, he became vegan in 1998. Torre is also a passionate activist for the animals, encouraging others to live a life of compassion and gratefulness.

6. Great Vegan Athletes

To find a list of vegan athletes from various backgrounds and athletic interests, Great Vegan Athletes is the place. With athletes training and competing in everything from weightlifting to long-distance running, to those training while still finding time to spend with their kids, you’re sure to find someone with whom you share something in common. What’s more, the list of vegan athletes includes long-time professional athletes alongside those just getting started in their chosen activity. Follow GVA to learn more about other vegan athletes and see them in action.

7. No Meat Athlete

Started by Matt Frazier, No Meat Athlete has evolved since it’s inception. However, through the years NMA has maintained its’ focus on running and plant-based eating, inspiring a following of plant-based runners around the US and beyond. With information for how to succeed both as a runner and a plant-fueled athlete, No Meat Athlete continues to educate people about a healthy lifestyle. Reaching a wider audience everyday, find out their latest advice.

8. Ruth Heidrich

A plant-fueled athlete trail blazer as well as a vegan and healthy, plant-based activist. Ruth is an active individual who focuses her diet around whole, plant foods. A long-time plant-based athlete, Ruth began her health journey through the Dr. McDougall approach in an effort to regain her health. She went on to compete and medal as a triathlete and runner in various Ironmans, marathons, and numerous other events. Not only did she recover her health, but she became a life-long athlete, thriving on whole plant foods. These days she follows a raw vegan diet and continues to share the importance of plant-based and vegan living with others.

Vegan Athletes

9. Steph Davis

Steph is a long-time professional rock climber as well as a base jumper, wingsuit flyer, author, animal lover, and vegan. Often with her fur companions by her side, Steph lives an active outdoor inspired life. Based in Utah, she climbs, hikes, jumps, and runs camps to share her expertise and passions with others. She also travels the globe seeking out some of the top places to BASE jump and climb. Steph runs a blog where she shares tips, vegan recipes, and answers questions from fellow climbers, BASE jumpers, outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes. Find out what she’s currently up to and where her next adventure will lead.

10. Scott Jurek

No novice to impressive athletic achievements, Scott Jurek became the fastest person to run the Appalachian Trail in 2015. He is an accomplished long-distance runner, particularly in ultra trail running. Over a long career he has won numerous races all over the world. He also happens to be vegan. A physiotherapist by trade, his passion for health and fitness led him to find a plant-based diet was optimal for training and recovery. See where he’s running now.

11. Brendan Brazier

A former triathlete, Brendan Brazier can now most often be found in the gym. His varied athletic endeavours show how vegans can pursue a variety of activities, and excel at them. You can read his book Thrive for more insight on nutrition and how eating whole plant foods can compliment your training. Inspiring others to live active, healthy lives, follow him to see what he’s up to.

12. David Carter

Known as the 300 pound vegan, David Carter is an American football player. Inspired by the Forks Over Knives documentary, he became vegan in 2014. He has since become a vocal advocate for the animals as well as food justice.

13. Christine Vardaros

A professional vegan cyclist since 2000, Christine is originally from the US, but she is now based in Belgium. Specializing in cyclo-cross, over the years she has competed in numerous Cyclo-Cross World Cups. She is also a spokesperson for animal rights and a vegan lifestyle. Follow Christine to see where she’s currently training and racing.

14. Fiona Oakes

A British marathon runner and long-time animal rights activist, Fiona has accomplished some impressive athletic feats. Using athletics to bring awareness to the animals and a vegan lifestyle, she is an active animal rights advocate. When not running or speaking at vegan events, Fiona can be found at her Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.

Vegan Athletes

15. Vegan Welsh 3000’s

A bunch of vegan trail runners who got together and organized a vegan ultra trail race. But not just any trail race. The V3K (Vegan Welsh 3000s) has become a recognized skyrunning ultra race. Spend the day running the tallest peaks in Wales and partake in the all vegan food at aid stations, while enjoying the company of similar-minded individuals. You don’t have to be vegan to enter, but you’ll need to be vegan for the day. However, with all of the vegan food and snacks provided along the way, it shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re not up for the run, but want to be involved and support them, think about volunteering. It takes a lot to organize a race, so understandably they’re always looking for another helping hand. Follow V3K to see their current trail adventures.

16. Derek Tresize 

Derek is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. He co-founded Root Force Personal Training as well as Vegan Muscle and Fitness with his partner Marcella Torres. Along with proper training, they encourage a healthy whole food, plant-based approach to diet. Through both in person and online coaching they help people to be successful plant-based bodybuilders.

17. Peter Siddle

Peter Siddle is a professional cricketer for Australia and Victoria’s Bushrangers. In the sporting community he is known for his plant-based diet, particularly his preference for consuming plenty of bananas. Originally inspired to follow the lifestyle by his partner Anna, the couple recently had their vegan wedding. Their family includes a number of rescue dogs, and, don’t worry, they were in attendance as well.

18. Tia Blanco

A professional surfer and vegan from the US, Tia took home gold at both the 2015 and 2016 International Surfing Association’s Open Women’s World Surfing Championships. She is also a current competitor on MTV’s The Challenge. Now that surfing is recognized as an Olympic sport by the IOC, Tia hopes to compete in Tokyo in 2020.

19. Meagan Duhamel  

Meagan is a Canadian pairs figure skater and holistic nutritionist. So far she has acquired two World Championships, an Olympic silver medal, and six Canadian National Championships. Currently in training for the 2018 Winter Olympics, she also recently finished this year’s Stars on Ice tour across Canada. In her spare time she shares her passion for healthy vegan living and spends time with her two much-loved fur companions.

20. Sarah Stewart

A Paralympic athlete, Sarah Stewart has competed and medalled in the 2004, 2008, and 2012 Paralympic games in Wheelchair Basketball. Sarah also plays for Sydney University, is a PhD candidate, and philosopher. A vegan athlete and a voice for the animals, you can follow Sarah on Twitter to see where she’s currently playing.

21. Alberto Pelaez

Alberto is an ultra-marathoner, mountain runner, and animal rights advocate. He has traveled and won races around the world, running and cycling while bringing attention to the plight of animals. His longer cycling events served as an opportunity to fundraise for animal sanctuaries. Alberto is an example of just what you can do on a vegan lifestyle – in athletics as well as helping those who cannot be heard.

22. Mac Danzig

A MMA fighter turned trainer, Mac Danzig came from a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In an activity that seems less likely to see vegans, he has broken down barriers and proved just what you can do fueled by plants. Mac Danzig now runs a training gym, Danzig MMA, with his wife Angela. With an interest in outdoor photography, you can see some of his nature photos along with those of MMA training and vegan food.

23. Kuntal Joisher

A vegan mountain climber, Kuntal Joisher successfully summited Everest in 2016. No small feat, he did it all while maintaining a vegan diet. An active outdoors person, Kuntal is also an adventure photographer, capturing picturesque mountain scenes often only seen by a mountaineer.

Vegan Athletes

24. Janette Murray-Wakelin & Alan Murray

Janette is a raw vegan runner who was drawn to the lifestyle to regain her health. An inspiration, Janette and her partner Alan completed the amazing feat of traveling around Australia, running a marathon every day in 2013. 366 marathons in 366 days. And they were both over 60 years of age. Today they continue to share their passion for healthy living fueled by raw fruits and vegetables.

25. Francis Cade

A former professional cyclist getting back into training, but now sharing his interest in photography and film making. Over the past year he has ventured into making YouTube videos with an increasing amount of time being dedicated to filming cycling adventures and races. Watch as he documents the hours he and a predominantly London-based cycling community train, chat, do cafe rides, compete, and share a general love of bikes. Get to know them by joining other viewers on YouTube and Instagram to see what they’re up to. And if you’re in the area, maybe you can drop them a message and meet up with them on a ride.

26. Griff Whalen

An American football player and currently a free agent in the NFL, Griff is a wide receiver who previously played for Stanford University. As vegan athlete, Griff’s active life is powered by plants. Follow his current travels and training.

27. Leilani Munter

Leilani is an American race car driver, vegan, and environmental and animal rights activist. When not racing cars, you can find her participating and speaking at various events around the world. Keep up-to-date with her schedule and environmental news.

28. Laura Scott

Laura is a professional endurance cyclist who competed in the Trans America Bike race in 2016. Originally from Canada, and currently living and training in Toronto, Ontario, you’ll also often find her cycling the streets of London, UK. You can follow her on-going report of her experience of the Trans Am bike race along with plenty of cycling and training photos.

29. Claire Richardson

A category 2 road and cyclo-cross racer, Claire is also a team rider for the London-based Sigma-Sport team. A relatively new vegan who’s loving the plant-based life she is self-dubbed the “vegan nuisance.” You can follow Claire’s cycling and food adventures.

30. Dustin Watten

Dustin Watten is a Team USA, professional volleyball player, and vegan from Long Beach, California. A World Cup Champion, Dustin has also won multiple gold and a silver medal at the Pan American Cup. See this vegan volleyball player in action.

31. Vegan Hustle

KC is a personal trainer from the UK. Following his passion for health and holistic living, KC shares the vegan lifestyle with an upbeat and positive vibe. He’s currently enjoying traveling and days filled with sun and fresh fruit.

32. James Southwood  

A long-time vegan, and life-time vegetarian, James is a martial artist and World Champion. With a main focus in Savate he runs a martial arts club in London, UK where he shares his knowledge and skills with others. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

33. Be Vegt

Katrin and Daniel are vegan marathoners with a passion for running and healthy eating. They are nutrition and running coaches sharing what they have learned and connecting with others through their podcasts.

Vegan Athletes

34.  Vegan Outdoor Adventures

Vegan Outdoor Adventures encourages people to explore the great outdoors by helping them find the vegan gear they need. Find any vegan clothes and products you need for your next adventure on Vegan Outdoor Adventures. Seeing what others are up to is a great way to find the inspiration for your next outdoor excursion.

Read an interview with Jess of VOA and meet the person helping vegans pursue their love of outdoor life.

35. Laura Kline

Laura is a vegan duathlete and ultra runner based in New York. She has quite the racing background and has consistently won both national and international events over the years. Follow her current running adventures.

36. Sebastjan Gergoric

Sebastjan is a triathlete from Slovenia. Taking part in various athletic events, Sebastjan has competed in Ironman and half-Ironman distances as well as mountain biking and trail running races. Check out his current training.

37. Meat Free Athlete

Meat Free Athlete was started by Anne-Marie to connect with and educate others about being an athlete while living a vegan lifestyle. You’ll find tips for training and plant-based eating along with inspiration for living vegan. Being a Meat Free Athlete means you’re going to need to stay fueled with plenty of tasty vegan food.

38. Patrik Baboumian

Patrik is a vegan strongman competitor breaking down stereotypes with each lift. Born in Iran, Patrik moved to Germany during childhood where he soon acquired an interest in weightlifting. He has been competing in Strongman competitions for over ten years, first as a vegetarian and, since 2011, as a vegan.

Vegan Athletes

39. Go Sea Kayak

Outdoor and travel enthusiasts Taran and Melissa from Go Sea Kayak know how to plan and enjoy a good trip. They have experience traveling by land and water, cycling or kayaking. Whether a weekend on the water or a longer trip in the south of Europe, they seek outdoor adventure. Based out of the UK and Sardinia, Go Sea Kayak takes groups on kayak excursions mainly in the Sardinia region in the Mediterranean. See what they’re doing and what they have planned next.

Meet the duo who could help lead you on your next sea adventure.

40. Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches

Antoine is a professional Canadian triathlete from Quebec. Also a student of Food and Nutrition Science, he is pursuing his two passions, triathlon and nutrition. Follow Antoine as he swims, bikes, runs, and lives vegan.

41. Madi Serpico

Madi is a professional triathlete, vegan, and sports model. She also happens to be the partner of American footballer Griff Whalen. Based in California, plants fuel her active life of training, racing, and spending time with adorable fur companions.

42. Tyler Pearce

A category 2 road cyclist, Tyler came from a background in professional racing and after a bit of an hiatus has again found his passion for the bike. As The Vegan Cyclist, his cycling tips, adventures, and race day vlogs can all be found on his YouTube channel. With a zest for life, The Vegan Cyclist is all about riding bikes, spending time with family, and, of course, eating good vegan food.

43. Vlad Ixel

Vlad is an ultra marathon trail runner originally from Ukraine. However, he spent much of his childhood growing up in Haifa, Israel until moving to Australia. A North Face athlete, Vlad is also a member of the Australian Trail Running Team. Follow him as he travels the world training and racing.

44. Vanessa Espinoza 

Vanessa is a vegan bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast. Now based in Arizona, she trains with Robert Cheeke and the Plant-Built crew. A personal trainer with a background in basketball and boxing, she has experienced noticeable improvements since going vegan a number of years ago. Outside of the gym, you’ll often see her on local hikes, usually with her rescue dogs in attendance. Follow Vanessa for photos of training, vegan meals, and adorable Chihuahuas.

Learn more about her rescue Chihuahua family.

Vegan Athletes

45. Plant-Based Athlete

A martial artist, Jay is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Over the years, training hard and consistently has led him to become a Pan American as well as Masters World Champion. Jay primarily follows a healthy whole food, plant-based diet focusing on simplicity. Learn more about Jay and his passions for health and BJJ. Inspiring and encouraging others to live active, healthy lives he regularly posts photos of training, traveling, and vegan meals on social media. See what he’s up to.

46. Brodie Mai Chapman

Brodie is a well-rounded cyclist from Australia. She went vegan at 17 and hasn’t looked back. Brodie grew up in Queensland, but now lives and trains in Melbourne. Currently recovering from ACL surgery, hopefully she’ll be back on the bike soon.

47. Vegan Runners Club

A community of vegan runners, Vegan Runners Club is a great way to connect with other vegan athletes who love to run. From around the world, the VRC team members come from a variety of backgrounds all with an interest in running and the vegan lifestyle.

Vegan Athletes

48. Vegan Athletic 

If you love cycling, a high-quality vegan cycling kit is the way to go. You can support a vegan company and look good riding bikes while sharing the vegan message. Now that’s a win-win for everyone, including the animals. Check out fellow vegan cyclists and see them in their Vegan Athletic gear.

49. Vegan Athlete Coaching

Aden De Jager is an exercise scientist and coach based in Melbourne, Australia. A vegan athlete and cyclist himself, he helps athletes improve their performance and recovery through a plant-based diet.

50. Vegan Athlete Racing

Vegan Athlete Racing is a team of athletes from around the US and abroad, all with a passion for racing and the vegan lifestyle. Whether running, cycling, or racing triathlons, they all have a love for the outdoors, active living, and sharing the vegan message.

Find what inspires you…

If you’re looking for a way to be an effective voice for the animals and the planet, find something you’re interested in.

Being passionate about what you do will always turn heads in your direction. It’s action without words. Your positive attitude and obvious enthusiasm will be contagious.

Athletics, in particular, are an excellent way to bring attention to the vegan lifestyle.

Exercise itself is great. But, being able to share a message that is greater than ourselves simply by working up a bit of a sweat is even better.

Let’s put those sweat and tears to good use.

It doesn’t have to be a complex advocacy action plan. The next time you’re at the gym or heading out on the bike, just throw on a vegan shirt or jersey. It’s really that easy.

So, whether you’re inspiring people in your local community or on a wider scale through competitions or social media, keep it up!

Every voice counts. Every drop of sweat counts.

Hopefully these 50 awesome vegan athletes can help inspire you to act. To find a passion. To live your life to the fullest. And to actively speak up for the voices of those who cannot be heard.

Read more about vegan athletes and adventurers.

Do you know of other noteworthy vegan athletes sharing a positive message through social media? Share them in the comments below.

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  • Jake Mace is a known fraud in martial arts. He ripped off his students at his school and now is charging for his completely phony kung fu and tai chi. They call him Jake the Fake for reason!

  • Marshall Wong
    2 years ago

    Jake Mace is lying about being vegan. He eats eggs and then goes on his youtube videos asking his fans to say it’s ok if he eats eggs but still says he is vegan.

  • Bill Shandy
    2 years ago

    What? Jake mace is not vegan.
    He also has a video about his chickens and eating their eggs

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