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We’re a growing vegan community and resource, providing information and tips on the vegan lifestyle. We’re also here to connect vegans with the many great vegan and plant-based resources out there.

Whether you’re brand new to the lifestyle, just starting to transition, or a long-time vegan, there’s likely something for you. So, take some time and have a look around the site.

A good place to start is to read about other vegans and their experiences with the lifestyle. You’ll find a number of personal stories, especially about health and outdoor adventure.

Here are a few to get you started:

* Interview with Will of Potato Strong
* Top 15 Healthy, Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites
* Competitive SUP Boarder John Merryfield Q&A
Interview with Vegan Rock Climber Steph Davis
Vegan Outdoor Adventures Q&A

Let’s show compassion, for the animals, the planet, the people, and our health!

And wearing a vegan or plant-based t-shirt is a great way to help spread the message to others!


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2 responses to “ABOUT

  • Hello,

    We designed an infographic, creating a fictional world, where people mysteriously decide never eat meat again:


    Feel free to share and let me know if you have any questions,

    Best regards,

    • Andrea Sargeant
      2 years ago

      Awesome Julie : )
      I’m Canadian. Our new Food Guide comes on in February and will encourage plant-based foods AND ELIMINATES DAIRY as a food group. I’m very excited and encouraged to see our country making this change. I love the info. graphic you put together and will encourage my students to explore it!

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