The 22 Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts to Listen to in 2018

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

People love to be tuned in.

While commuting to work, studying in the library, working out at the gym, or sitting at home on the computer, you’ll often see people with their beloved earbuds in.

Whether they’re bobbing their head to their favourite songs or listening to an audio book, few people seem to leave home these days without some sort of audio device.

This may be part of the reason why podcasts have become so popular in recent years.

With more to choose from then ever, covering any topic you can think of, you’re sure to find something you like.

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts

Even your favourite blog or website likely has a podcast of their own.

One area in particular that has a growing interest is healthy, plant-based living.

There are many aspects of healthy living, but it’s nice when you know the sources you go to for information have plant-based eating at their core.

From nutrition to tips for athletes to advice for raising a family, it’s helpful to hear from others following a plant-based lifestyle.

The 22 Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts to Listen to in 2018

1) Rich Roll

Rich Roll, the namesake of The Rich Roll Podcast has accomplished some rather impressive athletic feats. After going plant-based, regaining his health and fitness, Rich Roll shares the plant-based message along with the inspiring stories of others. The Rich Roll Podcast is a good place to become familiar with a number of prominent plant-based professionals as well as vegan athletes, entrepreneurs, and more.

2) No Meat Athlete

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

Matt Frazier and Doug Hay run No Meat Athlete radio. Focused on plant-based eating, running, and healthy living they cover a range of topics. With regular episodes loaded with quality content you’ll also find interviews with various individuals from the plant-based community.

3) Plant Yourself

Hosted by Howard Jacobson, co-author of a number of including Proteinaholic and Whole, the Plant Yourself Podcast provides health focused, plant-based content. Helping listeners live healthy long-term, learning from others along the way. There’s always a great line up of individuals being featured on Plant Yourself, from healthcare professionals, plant-based success stories, activists, and more.

4) Lean Green Dad

Cory, of Lean Green Dad is raising three kids on a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. His podcast is dedicated to sharing the message of well-rounded healthy living, including diet, athletics, positive vibes, and, of course, family. Cory’s family got into plant-based eating to improve their health after his wife was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. Now thriving on plants, they haven’t looked back.

5) The Ian Cramer Podcast

Interview numerous doctors and plant-based practitioners with an aim of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, The Ian Cramer Podcast is also known as the Plant-Based Cyclist. Having received Forks Over Knives as a gift in December of 2011, Ian’s been following the plant-based path ever since.

6) Plant Based Wellness

A cardiologist and athlete, Jamie Dulaney, MD brings clarity to healthy living with weekly Plant Based Wellness podcasts. It’s always nice to have a doctor’s perspective especially when they’re promoting a plant-based diet.

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

7) Big Impact

The Big Impact podcast is hosted by Anna Chisholm who is also a coach who helps people regain their health with a whole food, plant-based diet. Having greatly improved her own health, she speaks from experience. Anna interviews many plant-based individuals from around Australia and beyond, including doctors, athletes, business owners, and more.

8) Live Planted

Learn how to make a vegan lifestyle work with Live Planted. With new episodes every Tuesday, there is plenty of content about vegan life with everything from diet, how to transition, well-rounded healthy living, and the ethical side of why to go plant-based.

9) Main Street Vegan

A long-time running podcast, Main Street Vegan covers any topic you could want relating to the vegan lifestyle and healthy living. Interviewing individuals from all walks of the plant-based path, there’s something for everyone.

10) Balanced Living for Busy Professionals

Covering a range of healthy living topics, Balanced Living for Busy Professionals with Diane Randall is a great podcast to help you life a balanced life. Plant-based eating is just the cornerstone of health. Learn how to incorporate other healthful practices into your life, even with a busy schedule. You can make healthy eating easier by simplifying the cooking process. Try instant pot meals, especially on those busy weekday nights.

11) Nutrition Facts

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

Along with YouTube videos, Dr. Michael Greger also provides plant-based health focused podcasts each week. Listen in to the Nutrition Facts podcast to learn more about nutrition and healthy living. In addition, Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die and other plant-based health books are great resources for learning about nutrition. Find out why plants really are the best fuel for your life.

12) Beat Your Genes

On Beat Your Genes, host Nate G, talks with Dr. Doug Lisle, an evolutionary psychologist, about various aspects of health, centred around finding happiness. Discussing real life situations and solutions, feel free to email in questions or just learn from the experiences of others. Health and happiness are about more than just food. This podcast delves into some complex, yet everyday topics, giving real world advice.

13) Plant Trainers

Sharing various aspects of plant-based and vegan living, Plant Trainers is a good place to learn about nutrition, succeeding on a plant-based lifestyle, raising healthy plant-based kids, finding balance, and more.

14) When Life Gives You Lemons Go Vegan

Corinne, the host of When Life Give You Lemons Go Vegan podcast, is committed to helping people transform their lives with a whole food, plant-based diet. Tune in for inspiring health stories, health advice, family transitioning tips and more.

15) The Paddison Program 

Clint Paddison overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis and is now dedicated to helping others do the same. Listen to The Paddison Program podcast for inspiring stories of people reversing chronic disease along with advice from health professionals and plant-based enthusiasts.

16) The Exam Room

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

A new podcast put out by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Exam Room is one not to be missed. Examining vegan nutrition and medical news, learn how to live and thrive on a vegan diet. This podcast is hosted by Chuck Carroll, a living example of what a plant-based diet can do for your health, along with plant-based pioneer Dr. Neal Barnard.

17) Food For Thought

The Food For Thought podcast with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau goes beyond just what you eat. Encouraging a sustainable, conscious lifestyle Food For Thought is about learning to co-exist with wildlife, ethical travel, the changing plant-based market, and much more!

18) Brown Vegan

The Brown Vegan podcast focuses on many aspects relating to living a vegan lifestyle from starting a plant-based diet to getting other family members on board. On the podcast you’ll find interviews with vegans covering a range of topics that help people live vegan long-term.

19) Spud Fit

Andrew Taylor of Spud Fit is sharing the plant-based lifestyle, inspiring others through example. Andrew is one of many plant-based health success stories, showing how dedication to a whole food, plant-based diet can do for your health and well-being.

20) How to Health

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

Hosted by Dr. Laurie Marbas, How to Health shares inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome disease and incredible obstacles, building their health with a plant-based lifestyle. You’ll also hear from many experts with advice for how to live a healthy life.

21) The Food Heals Podcast

Bringing you a wide range of eco-friendly, ethical, and healthy living tips, The Food Heals Nation podcast is hosted Allison and Suzy. Both share their passion for natural living and positive vibes in their weekly podcast.

22) New Normal

New Normal is a podcast dedicated to health and wellness and to encouraging healthy living for mind, body, and soul. Clare and Andrew of the New Normal Project bring regular podcasts filled with health inspiration and interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Find one, or two, or three you like and incorporate listening to them into your daily regime.

Listening to healthy living tips and advice can help motivate you to reinforce healthy habits you’re trying to add to your life.

Podcasts can also be a good way to become more familiar with other plant-based resources.

Best Plant-Based Health Podcasts 2018

The hosts will often mention products or books they like, or they’ll interview fellow plant-based enthusiasts.

And many frequently interview featured guests from the plant-based realm.

So check these healthy, plant-based podcasts out. Find one you like and add it to your favourites list on your audio device.

If you are what you listen to, why not make it healthy and plant-based?

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  • It’s definitely a vegan show rather than a healthy plant based show, but if you like Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s forays into history and etymology, you might also enjoy my series “The Vegan Option”.

    Every show, it takes an issue and investigates it in detail, with expert interviewees and travel. I’ve spent the last 15 shows doing an epic radio history of vegetarianism, with actors, dozens of experts, and travel the length and breadth of India.

  • Thanks for including Plant Yourself! I’m honored to be part of this wonderful team of advocates!

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