California Drought and Water Usage


Do you live in the California area and/or would you like to help share the truth about water usage and how it impacts the drought?

There are some great leaflets created by Truth or Drought. Go on over to their site and take a look!

They provide clear and concise information about what can really be done to help conserve water, along with plenty of statistics regarding crops and water usage.



As agriculture accounts for about 80% of the total water used in California, it’s definitely a place to start looking in order to conserve water. And even if you’re not a farmer, you can help to substantially reduce your own agricultural water consumption, by simply going plant-based. A vegan diet uses far less water than its’ vegetarian or meat-eating counterparts, so eat your plants!

Heck, Truth or Drought also provides a lawn sign that you can put outside to help spread the word.

While you’re at it, you may want to check out this recent article by Eric Holthaus on Slate regarding agricultural water usage.

So, spread the word about the importance of following a plant-based diet because it benefits the environment too. And we’ve only got one Earth.

Just another reason to go vegan!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Almonds Use More Water Than Beef?!


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