Chasing Ice Documentary

chasing ice documentary

Chasing Ice, 2012
Directed by Jeff Orlowski
76 minutes

If you are at all sceptical about climate change and global warming, this film is a must see. From sceptic to believer himself, James Balog embarked on a mission to show the world just what is happening in the Arctic. Providing visual evidence of the detrimental effects warming temperatures are having on the Arctic region was the primary objective James Balog had in mind when he began the project that led to the award winning film Chasing Ice.

Even if you don’t need convincing, this film provides an important perspective on climate change and the vast scale of its’ impact. No area of the world is left unaffected. Chasing Ice can also give you a greater appreciation for the importance the polar ice caps have on the planet and the future. The fact that they have begun changing so drastically over the past decade only foreshadows more significant changes worldwide.

This film is about the reality that is climate change. Photography is used to document significant ice melting in Arctic regions such as Alaska, Greenland and Iceland, providing visual evidence of the effects of increased temperatures and carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere.

Over a number of years the project took many pictures in order to document the change in icebergs and the amount of calving that has been and is occurring. These ice chunks break off and melt into the ocean, consequently raising the water levels of the oceans. Although using new, and at times temperamental technology, the team managed to set up automated cameras to take multiple photos throughout each day in order to record the changes. These photos now provide a visual record of history.

The photographic evidence they have accumulated is proof of large-scale environmental change and global warming, and it has helped present people with a realistic portrait of how extensive and devastating these changes are having on the planet and our home. Although the result can seem overwhelming, James Balog has hope. There is still time to act.

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james balog chasing ice filmJames Balog chasing ice film

This is someone clearly committed to their work.


Watch the film trailer:

Visit the Chasing Ice website to read more about the project. And find the film on Amazon.

Also, check out James Balog’s Photography website.

Find out more about his Extreme Ice Survey project, as well as his Earth Vision Institute – Integrating art and science to reveal environmental change and inspire a balanced relationship with nature.

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