Chickens: Not For Our Consumption

Chicken’s are a highly under-rated animal. Did you know they like to play and love dust baths? They have good memories, they have personalities, they feel pain, and, most of all, they want to live.


Chickens enjoying their dust baths!

“Chickens, whether intelligent or stupid, individual or identical, are sentient beings. They feel pain and experience fear. This, in itself, is enough to make it wrong to cause them pain and suffering.” –Jennifer Raymond*

Yet, we treat them like a product to be “raised.”


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Many companies also have the audacity to use the term “humanely raised” when referring to their poultry products.

Even chicken farmers aren’t happy about it:

“Losing a contract? I’m not worried about that. If the past is any indication of the future, I don’t want to do it. The thing is, though, I don’t have much debt. There are a lot of farmers who aren’t in this position, and that’s why they’re kind of quiet. If I’ve got to fall on the sword to make it better for the rest, so be it. Because we’re getting ready to change gears, and people are going to understand what we’re going through out here.” – Craig Watts, a chicken factory farmer who has spoken out about animal rights atrocities in the factory farming system.

“I can’t speak for a chicken, all I can say is what I observe. And, no, they’re definitely not happy. And they’re definitely not healthy.” – Craig Watts

A contract farmer for Perdue, Craig Watts, invited Leah Garces of Compassion in World Farming, an animal welfare group, to come to his farm to see and professionally film the farm conditions firsthand.

“Bound by contract, Craig is not even allowed to give them sunshine or fresh air.” Learn more about “humanely raised” chicken by watching the video.

One thing’s for sure. Something’s got to change. And, one-step-at-a-time, things are changing. Being more informed about where your food comes from is the first step. Taking chicken out of your sandwiches is the most humane thing you can do for all chickens. There’s no need to eat chickens. And there’s certainly no need to rely on chicken or animal products for your protein.

But, going vegan doesn’t mean you need to compromise. You can find alternative ways to eat and enjoy the meals you’ve grown up with, guilt-free. For starters, companies like Gardein and Beyond Meat have a wide variety of vegan ‘chicken’ products.

Heck, you can even enjoy Vegan Fried Chicken!


Find more vegan chicken recipes, like this Wholesome Chicken Hummus Sandwich, from Beyond Meat.

Chickens don’t need to be needlessly bred and killed to satisfy our taste buds. There are plenty of alternative ways to enjoy the familiar meals you’ve grown up with.

When we stop and think about it, we all know that this is how we should really be making a chicken salad:

Because it’s not a “what,” but a “who.” So, stick with vegan chicken and vegan snacks, #fortheanimals.

Now, this is how we should be treating chickens!

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