Cow Poop and the Environment

Here is one more reason why going vegan helps the planet. *Waste* from factory farming and animal agriculture in general, really piles up*. Going vegan helps to eliminate* the need to breed these animals en masse, which means less fecal matter and less run-off. Large scale run-off from animal agriculture causes soil and the oceans to be contaminated, harming fish and other sea and wildlife. So let’s be responsible by going vegan; for the planet, the animals, and our health! (*Oh, the puns.)

veganstreetcowpoopAn informative cow-poop-meme from

Read an article for some tips on transitioning to vegan and a plant-based diet.

And check out the resources under the various topic headings in the vegan and plant-based resources section.

For more information on how switching to a vegan diet helps the environment, watch the documentary Cowspiracy. You can start by reading a review of the film.

Find more great memes from VeganStreet over on their website, their constantly adding more with quality information in a concise format that is easy to read and often entertaining; it’s truly an effective way to share the vegan message.

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