Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

1 hr 30 minutes
Filmmakers: Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

In a rare, yet refreshing approach, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a documentary that addresses some of the most important topics of our time. The film delves into the reality of animal agriculture, simultaneously covering many of the taboos and unspoken truths within the environmental movement.

The filmmaker, Kip Andersen, doesn’t shy away from the big and at the same time the obvious question: If animal agriculture is the leading cause of environmental destruction and pollution, then why aren’t the largest environmental organizations encouraging, or even mentioning a plant-based diet? Why do they avoid the topic altogether?

cowspiracy water use burger

Anderson and his team ask them just that, and the response they receive will leave you wondering just how committed these organisations can really be to their cause.

From methane gas pollution, to rainforest destruction, to ocean acidification, animal agriculture is a major, if not the main, contributor to them all, and the makers of Cowspiracy attempt to find out why the subject is not being seriously addressed.

This is our planet, so why aren’t we doing everything we can to protect and save it?

cowspiracy climate change infographic

If your job and primary focus is being a leading member of one of the largest Amazon, rainforest, or environmental protection organisations, you should not have to pause and consider what the number one cause of rainforest destruction or ocean depletion is. You should already know that. So, what are they hiding?

As Leila Salazar, the now executive director of Amazon Watch, reveals, if people speak out, about the destruction caused by cattle and agribusiness, they are silenced. Murdered, as so many activists have been over the past decades. For just that. Speaking out.

Hopefully, this film can help to change that. By sharing this eye opening perspective on the health of our planet with a large audience, far and wide, we can stand together. Equipped with the resources and information to alter our actions for the sake of the planet, we can create change.

With the likes of Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander, Dr. Will Tuttle, Dr. Michael Klaper, and Howard Lyman, Cowspiracy is a fact-filled film with reliable statistics and sources within the environmental, and vegan, movement. Because, as the film will show you, you can’t be one without the other.


Cowspiracy helps to clarify a number of key aspects within the environmental movement: Why methane should be the focus, the truth about water use, and why sustainable fishing doesn’t exist. Namely, many environmental organisations choose to concentrate on carbon emissions. Cowspiracy explains why reducing methane gas emissions should actually be the priority, and how that could contribute to more immediate environmental improvements.

Although the documentary began from a focus on environmentalism, by the end a more personal recognition and relationship develops with the animals that are typically only ever referred to as “livestock.”

As Anderson states, “When it became personal. Face to face. The story changed.” Once that connection is made, some of the cruel realities of animal agriculture can be openly and honestly questioned. For, is animal agriculture really ethical or responsible, whether for the animals, our health, or the planet?

cowspiracy fresh water use animal products

Ultimately, as we see in the film and as Howard Lyman clearly states, “You can’t be an environmentalist and eat animal products. Period.” He further points out, “All we’d need is for the environmentalists to live what they profess and we’d be on a new course in the world.” A course to save our planet.

Facing one of the largest mass extinctions since the ice age, it’s about time we started taking action. Real action. This film can help spark that change. So, spread the world.

A new cut of Cowspiracy, executive-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will be premiering in all territories on Netflix on September 15th, 2015. Hopefully this will allow the film to be seen by an even greater audience, because this is a message that needs to be heard.

You can also buy the film and support the project on their website.

One person on their own may be vulnerable, but together we can have a stronger voice. A voice for change. A voice for the future of the planet.

If you haven’t yet seen Cowspiracy, you should. If it’s the only film you watch this year. Watch the trailer.

Find the book, The Sustainability Secret: Rethinking Our Diet to Transform the World, written by the makers of Cowspiracy.

And connect with the film on social media, on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Is there an info pack that breaks down in simplest terms exactly what impact just one person stopping eating any animal products can make, I want something I can leave with friends and family to read , I’ve tried encouraging them to look at info on the web but they don’t, I want leaflets please

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