Easy Vegan Bean and Rice Burrito Recipe

easy vegan bean and rice burrito

This featured vegan recipe is a Bean and Rice Burrito that you can find on Vegan Adventurist.

It’s a simple recipe that can work well when you’re out backpacking or camping, traveling, or just pressed for time. Bean and rice burritos are easy to prepare, and they’re a great meal when you’re on-the-go.

Highly versatile as well as full of flavour and nutrition, rice and beans are always good staples to have on hand, wherever you are.

Easy Vegan Bean & Rice Burrito Recipe

Ingredients you’ll need for this recipe:

  • quick cooking rice
  • dried black beans or an instant black bean soup mix (such as Dr. McDougall’s Black Bean Lime Soup)
  • water
  • dried onion (and other vegetables if you like)
  • spices
  • tortillas wraps

Note(s): For the black bean soup you could also use Taste Adventure or a similar dry soup mix. Ideally the mix you choose will be a dried vegetable soup that only requires you to add boiling water and wait a few minutes before it is ready.

If you don’t have to fit everything into a backpack, instead of dried beans or an instant soup mix you could use canned re-fried beans. They are usually easy enough to find at most grocery stores (if you can find a low salt option that would be even better).

For instance, Eden Foods has a variety of re-fried beans. Or you could just get regular canned beans, add in a few spices, and mash them up. Black beans or pinto beans are always good choices.

If you can’t find quick rice, regular white rice or sprouted brown rice often have fairly short cooking times relative to other varieties.

easy vegan bean and rice burrito

But whatever rice or beans you go with, they’ll be sure to go well together. Rice and beans just complement each other so well!

For the burrito wraps, you can go with any vegan wraps you have available to you. If you can find a whole grain option such as Food for Life sprouted grain wraps, they’re a healthier choice.

Or maybe a gluten-free wrap made with fairly simple ingredients, often with a base of brown rice flour. (If you can’t find a suitable wrap, you could always convert the meal into a burrito bowl, adding to the rice any dried vegetables you have with you.)

easy vegan bean and rice burrito

Especially when you’re backpacking or camping, carrying a selection of freeze-dried or dehydrated herbs, spices, and vegetables (such as these) are a great way to add in a bit of vegetables and flavour to your meals.

They may not be fresh, but they’re light, easy to pack, and hassle-free. It’s only so often you can add vegetables to a dish without having to wash, chop, and prep them first!

You can find freeze-dried vegetables at many grocery markets and even some outdoor supply stores.

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