End of Summer Vegan Grilling

Here are some end of barbecue season grilling ideas courtesy of Terri over at EatPlant-Based.com.

eatplant-based-veggie-kabobs healthy vegan recipes

With veggies kabobs, corn on the cob, mushroom burgers, and more EatPlant-Based has some great ideas for enjoying the last couple of weeks of good barbecuing weather this year.

If you have locally grown corn on the cob in your area this is definitely the time of year to add it to your meals. It goes along side many different meals and is the perfect addition to your barbecue menu, especially if you’re having a gathering!

Green beans, beets, and potatoes are also all in season. Heck, you could even grill up some apple or pear slices with a dash of cinnamon.

Find these and other plant-based grilling recipes on the EatPlant-Based blog.

What’s your favourite plant-based barbecue recipe? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear about it!

Get more healthy vegan recipes so you never run out of meal ideas!

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