Fat Free Vegan Mushroom Risotto

This Savory Fat Free Mushroom Risotto recipe is another creation from Brand New Vegan.

If you’re a fan of risotto, this recipe can convince you that a plant-based risotto doesn’t lack any of the traditional creaminess.

Fat Free Vegan Mushroom Risotto
Have this plant-based risotto as the main dish or as a side, either way you and your guests will be left wanting more!

The ingredients for the recipe are:

Making your own homemade vegetable broth is also always an option. And it’s a good one if you would rather your meal be salt-free.

For risotto, using Arborio rice is key. Although any rice will still make for a good meal, Arborio rice will help give the dish that familiar, and much loved smooth, creamy texture.

Find the recipe instructions on Brand New Vegan.

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