Featured Film: Watermark

Watermark, 2013
Filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nick de Pencier, and photographer Edward Burtynsky
90 minutes

watermark film








A 2013 documentary, Watermark is a powerful, thought-provoking, and profoundly moving portrait of our relationship with water. This films portrays water in all its’ facets from our need for it, to our extensive use of it, and our presumptuous belief that since it is here it is ours.

The filmmakers illustrate our numerous interactions with water, all around the world, from which it is clear that we are drawn and intimately bound to it. Water is a source of life, nourishment, entertainment, and purification. It is an integral part of our livelihood and ultimately connects us all.

We cannot live without it, but will we be able to truly understand its’ crucial place in our lives, our affect on it, and the consequences of our use of it? Will we learn to respect this gift before it’s too late?

A collaboration between multiple award-winning filmmakers and a renowned photographer, Watermark provides a visually stunning perspective, and a deeper understanding into just how indebted we are to this powerful, life giving force and invaluable resource.

Visit the website and view the trailer for more information about the film.

Also check out Edward Burtynsky’s photographic rendering and remarkable visual narrative of our interactions with water on his website, along with other projects he has been involved in.


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