Healthy Plant-Based Meals Delivered to Your Door

Do you live in the Ohio area and are interested in having healthy, plant-based, vegan meals delivered right to your door?

Well, enter Plant Perfection Foods​; a plant-based meal delivery service.

sweet potato curry plant perfection foods

What are they all about?

Here a few quotes from their website:

“The food we make at the Plant Perfection Foods kitchen is prepared the way we cook at home for ourselves. The food is only made from plants – there are no animal products of any sort, there are no nuts, no soy, no added oils or salt, and no added sugar. Everything is gluten free. We don’t use commercial meat substitutes and we use dried beans and make our own broths to keep the sodium content low on our products.”

No pre-packaged foods or short cuts taken here. Sounds like homemade perfection!

“We prepare all sorts of dishes – soups, stews, curries, burgers and salads. Our food is cooked, vacuum packed, quick frozen, and delivered to your home in our delivery area.”

delivery map plant perfection foods

“We started Plant Perfection Foods with one goal in mind – to provide truly healthy convenient food to people who want to take control of their health by adopting a whole foods plant based way of eating. I hope you’ll find our products convenient, affordable and delicious. With our food in your freezer you’ll never wonder what to eat and together we can be part of a food revolution helping make the world a healthier place.”

stew plant perfection foods

They have a lovely line-up of great plant-based meals to choose from. And, to top it all off, the meals are of the Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.;​ Dr. John McDougall,; and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies​ persuasion, which is great to see!

You can find, and read more about them on their website at

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