Healthy, Plant-Based Potato Chips

Yes, you can still have potato chips!

Even if you’re focusing on healthy, oil-free, plant-based eating, you can still have those good ol’ crunchy potato crisps. All that’s different is how you bake them. (And don’t worry, they don’t take long.)

You can cook them using a silpat baking mat or use a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Check out this Baked Kettle Chips recipe from Engine 2 For Life.

And here’s another Potato Chips – Free Guilt Free recipe from Potato Strong along with some cooking tips and instructions

Don’t feel you’re missing out. Although the transition to plant-based living can take a bit of time, don’t be discouraged. You’ll soon learn that many of your favourite treats can be enjoyed the plant-based way.

Baking at home doesn’t really take that long. And this way you can flavour your chips any way you like!


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