Kid-Friendly Vegan Banana Recipes

Today’s Fruit is: Bananas!

ripe bananas vegan banana recipes

They can be eaten on their own, put in the freezer for safe keeping, chopped up and put over a bowl of cereal…. Bananas are a versatile, sweet and delicious fruit that are often featured in plant-based recipes. Here are just a few:

Southern-Style Banana Pudding as featured on Fat Free Vegan:

Banana Pudding Fat Free Vegan

Check out this great banana pudding recipe in the original post of the recipe.

It doesn’t take long to make and it has a nice, thick texture… pudding-style!

Or you could try…

Blueberry-Banana Bread

Blueberry Banana Bread fat free vegan

View this recipe along with other great low-fat, oil-free vegan recipes at FatFree Vegan Kitchen and FatFree Vegan Recipes.

And if you’re still in the banana mood…

Vegan banana Ice Cream happy herbivore

You may also want to check out this banana ice cream recipe by Lindsay S. Nixon, from Happy Herbivore, that is featured on Forks Over Knives.

It’s banana-time!


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