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This week we’ll be meeting Lisa and Krishna, learning about how they found each other and their journey together. Krishna also follows a balanced plant-based diet, so he gets all the nutrition he needs!

Lisa Chell adopt don't shop

What is your rescues’ name?

Krishna. He’s part malamute and part black lab.

Can you share a bit about them and their past before meeting you and becoming a part of your family?

Krishna (formerly Copper) was from a family in our little hamlet. They had him and a brother since puppyhood. Unfortunately, they found out that their little boys were allergic to the dogs. They found a home for the brother and Krishna was kept outside. He had a house out there and spend most of his time on a long leash. Because the family felt bad for him (and because we live in the mountains surrounded by miles and miles of forest) he was often let off leash. He roamed far and wide and was well known by many families in our hamlet because he came to play with other dogs. Considering the prevalence of cougars and bears in our area, I’m surprised he was never harmed during his first 9 months of roaming.

My daughter and her husband came to our house for Christmas and they took long walks into the forest and foothills each day. One day they came home and told us about this wondrous dog who found them and instantly came up for hugs and cuddles. They showed us pictures. They didn’t know about his lifestyle (we didn’t know him either) so went wondering thru the bush until they came upon the acreage that was his home. As it happens, the homeowner was there. When my daughter commented on the lovely dog, the man said “You can have him if you want him!” She thought he was joking. All night long I could see her concern over the dog. She talked about it for hours. No one in our family had ever had a dog companion before but I felt what was coming. I woke in the middle of the night and could hear her sobbing in her room. I rolled over to my husband and said “I think a dog is about to join our family.”

The next day we went to the acreage and asked the homeowner if he was serious. He was. Next thing we knew, we came home with a dog and all his stuff. My daughter stayed at our house for an extra 2 weeks while Krishna (his new name) acclimatized and was neutered etc. He instantly fell into our family like he was meant for us. We gave away the food they sent with him and I began making his vegan food from scratch. He lives with my daughter and her husband in the city and he knows exactly what’s happening when they tell him “Grandma’s coming!!”

Lisa Chell adopt don't shop

How was the transition period when he first arrived in your home? Was he at all traumatised from his earlier life? 

I’m not sure if it’s rare, but he transitioned as if he was ordained to be with our family. No accidents. No barking or whining. He didn’t seem to miss anyone. He gave and received so much love right from the first moment. He slept well, began to eat plant based food, and his training was very smooth and seamless. It was a miracle adoption.

What does he typically eat? Does he have a favourite treat? 

He eats a homemade plant based mix based on a recipe recommended to us from Indogo Canine Nutrition company. I make the base formulation in huge batches and freeze daily portions, enough for one month at a time. When it’s thawed, my daughter adds oils and plant proteins, fresh berries etc and a supplement to make as complete a formulation as we can. I also bake all his doggie treats. He’s absolutely crazy for Kale stems and broccoli bones. I bake him apple carrot pupcakes, banana flax p.b. cookies, pumpkin cookies and bone shaped biscuits. He’s well fed and his coat is so glossy and healthy, it’s amazing!

Are you, or have you ever been concerned at all with him getting enough nutrition?

No. We’re very careful with his diet and take our advice from Indogo.

Lisa Chell 3

Does he have a favourite activity or toy?

He loves his chewy bone from West Paw Designs. We bring him a variety of sticks from our yard which he loves to chew on. He loves his walks. He’s a really sociable dog. We’ve met many people who tell us that their dog won’t play with any dog and within minutes, it’s a big love in with Krishna. I’ve only ever seen him make dog friends. My daughter bunny sits for my nephews sometimes and he’s learned to befriend and play with the rabbit as well.

How about his personality, is there something about him or that he does that is uniquely him? 

I’d say his loving nature is unique to him. He breaks down barriers with all his love. He’s the most accepting being I’ve ever met. He loves all people, all dogs…everyone.

Are there any resources you have found to be useful or informative regarding adopting or rescuing?

Love him or not, my daughter found that watching Caesar Milan videos taught them tonnes about creating consistency and safety in the ‘pack’ which is their family.

I never understood the ‘dog love’ thing that I saw in my friends families. I wasn’t raised with dogs, neither was my husband and we didn’t have them in our family with our kids. As soon as Krishna came into the family, I totally understood. I became the psycho dog grandma doing whatever it takes to keep him healthy and happy. I truly love him and he gives that back. I think the best thing we did was learn about the importance of walks, healthy food and when to give it, consistency within the household and what dogs need to feel safe. I’m glad we watched Caesar.

I truly believe Krishna was called into our family, it happened so naturally. My only advice would be to suspend expectation of having a certain type of dog and allow yourself the freedom to welcome in a dog that seems to be magnetized to you. There are energies that attract and who knows what package that will come in.


Thank you Lisa and Krishna! What a lovely way to meet & for Krishna to find the perfect family. What a gorgeous pup. 🙂

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