Featured Low-Fat, Oil-Free, Vegan Plant-Based Recipes

Here are some low-fat, plant-based, oil-free recipes from various plant-based recipe sites, be sure to check them out!

First up:

A hearty Lentil & Rice Loaf from Straight Up Food.

This one’s sure to satisfy.












It also comes with a recommended gravy.

Also, be sure to check out an article by Straight Up Food regarding Cooking without Oil, for some good thoughts and tips about how to get used to oil-free life in the kitchen.

Next up:

If you’re looking for a good crock-pot recipe…











This Fat-Free Crockpot Sambar with pink lentils from Holy Cow Vegan should do the trick! Let it cook while you go about your day. And feel free to play around a bit with the portion sizes and vegetables, just make sure to keep the ratios roughly the same.

And lastly:

This Simple Mediterranean Wholefood Bowl from Health Room offers plenty of variety to keep you interested!









This is great warm, or you could cook the brown rice ahead of time and just top it off with the vegetables and chickpeas in the evening for a nice, quick evening meal.

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