Low Fat Sweet Potato Mash

low fat sweet potato mash simple vegan blog

This Vegan Mashed Sweet Potato recipe is from Simple Vegan Blog.

You can use all of the ingredients in the recipe for a slightly more “gourmet” sweet potato mash. Or, simplify and only use a few ingredients—sweet potatoes, a dash of plant-based milk, and a touch of herbs or spice.

Either way, your mash is sure to taste great.

Sweet potatoes, especially the oranges ones, just end up with the perfect consistency once boiled and mashed. They even bring a touch of natural sweetness, making the experience complete!


  • sweet potatoes
  • plant-based milk
  • maple syrup
  • nutritional yeast
  • herbs & spices: garlic powder, black pepper, sea salt (optional), dried dill* (optional)
  • walnuts (optional)


*Litehousefoods has some good freeze dried herbs, including freeze dried dill. You may need to use a bit more than you would for dried herbs, but the flavour is so much more fresh.

For a lower fat recipe, feel free to skip the added walnuts on top. A sprinkle of herbs or spice will lend plenty of additional flavour.

Otherwise, just chop or crush the walnuts up fairly fine before sprinkling them over your sweet potato mash. Even just a dusting will do.

Also, using a lower fat plant-based milk variety can help keep the recipe lower in fat, but you won’t really be using that much.

And making your own plant-based milk can sure be worth it—even if only for the clean, fresh taste is provides.

You can find the full recipe for Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes along with a homemade soy milk recipe on Simple Vegan Blog.

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