Natalie Portman Narrates ‘Eating Animals’: A Documentary About Our Food Choices

A new documentary, ‘Eating Animals‘ is about industrial food production and intensive animal farming.

The film is narrated and produced by Natalie Portman and directed by Christopher Quinn. A vegan and vocal advocate for the plight of animals, particular those in animal agriculture, Natalie has been a key figure in bringing this important film to the screen.

‘Eating Animals’ is based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer. That book is also what helped Natalie make the step to a vegan lifestyle.

The documentary is a result of her contacting the author after reading the book and talking about possibly making it into a film.

Originally published in 2009, Eating Animals, looks through a more objective lens at our food choices and the consequences of those choices in the modern world. Written in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Farm Forward, it seeks to critically evaluate the meat industry, how food is marketed, and how we can make more compassionate and sustainable food choices.

Similarly, the film presents the reality of how corporate influences and industrial scale food production have affected animal agriculture. With under-cover footage, the audience is given an inside-look at factory farming and what it really means to eat animals.

The documentary premiered at the Telluride film festival, but it is hoped that the film will reach a much wider audience.

Image via Unsplash: Jenny Hill

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