Top 50 Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites in 2019

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019

Note: This is not an extensive list, but it does contain a number of the best websites where you can find oil-free, plant-based (and vegan) recipes.

Having a supply of healthy, plant-based recipes can be an essential tool to succeeding on this lifestyle.

As more recipe creators become interested in healthy eating, more plant-based websites have appeared. Fortunately, many of these websites also focus, at least in part, on making oil-free, vegan recipes.

And as more people become aware of the plant-based message, the interest in and demand for healthy, plant-based options continues to grow.

The plant-based approach is certainly making an impact, which is great to see.

To help you in your search for oil-free, plant-based (and vegan) recipes, this list includes a number of the top websites to be familiar with.

But, if you prefer to watch recipe videos, check out plant-based recipe creators on YouTube for more healthy oil-free, vegan meal ideas (although there are some video creators in this list too).

Top 50 Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites in 2019

1) Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is one of the most well-known plant-based recipe websites. On the site, you’ll find articles by plant-based doctors along with countless health success stories. There are also featured oil-free, plant-based recipes from various recipe contributors.

2) Dr. McDougall’s Health & Medical Center

With a wide selection low fat, oil-free, plant-based recipes the Dr. McDougall website is a good place to find recipes for every occasion. The recipes are categorized and alphabetized for your convenience. And the large collection of recipes shows you that there are plenty of options even while eating healthy, plant-based meals.

3) Fat Free Vegan

Fat Free Vegan is a long-time blog sharing healthier vegan recipes. Over the years, the recipes transitioned to being oil-free too! And there are lots of recipes to choose from, including more traditional dishes as well unique creations. So you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 easy mushroom stroganoff brand new vegan

4) Brand New Vegan

The recipes on Brand New Vegan are certainly popular, and for good reason. In a few short years, the website has established itself as a go-to place for reliable and tasty oil-free, vegan recipes. So stop by and have a look. You won’t regret it!

5) Nutrition Studies

Focused on sharing the health aspects of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle,  Nutrition Studies showcases a collection of oil-free, plant-based recipes from various recipe creators and bloggers. There are also a good number of recipes in Spanish too, which you could also translate into English (on the site) for even more recipes!

6) Happy Herbivore

A long-time vegan recipe blog, Happy Herbivore has a large inventory of recipes that are oil-free and low in fat. If you can think of it, there’s likely a vegan recipe for it on the website. So take some time and scroll through the recipes to add a few more regular go-to meals to your own collection.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 ten minute stir fry Dreena Burton

7) Dreena Burton

Another long-time creator of vegan recipes, Dreena Burton shares healthy family and kid-approved recipes. Primarily made with whole plant foods and oil-free, you’re likely to find healthier versions of many of your favourite foods. There’s quite a supply, so take your time perusing the collection of recipes!

8) The Vegan 8

The Vegan 8 is a great oil-free, vegan resource for tried-and-tested recipes. There are a lot of dessert recipes in particular, especially those featuring chocolate in all its’ many forms. But, as well as cookies, cakes, and other treats, there are recipes for soups, sauces, pastas, potato dishes, and more. Try out a recipe, or two, because they’re sure to become family favourites in no time!

9) Cooking With Plants

On Cooking With Plants, Anja shares oil-free, plant-based recipes in written form and video, so you can watch the recipe being made. There are also plenty of oil-free vegan cheeses, sauces, pizzas, pastas, desserts, and more. So you know you’ll find recipes that will suit your whole family. Many of the recipes are lower in fat as well.

Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites in 2019 lasagna Straight Up Food

10) Straight Up Food

Whole plant food recipes that are salt, oil, and sugar-free are the specialty of Straight Up Food. You won’t need to worry about having to make any substitutions or adjustments to the recipe to make it healthier. There is often a low fat option provided as well. But eating healthy meals certainly doesn’t mean they can’t be tasty. As the recipes on this website will show you, whole plant foods have all the natural flavour you need.

11) The Culinary Gym

Likewise, the oil-free, plant-based recipes on The Culinary Gym are mostly made from whole plant foods as well as being free of salt and refined sugar. There is a good selection of appetisers, sauces, beverages, and main entrees to get you started with healthy, plant-based eating.

12) Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

PCRM has a growing supply of reliable low fat, plant-based recipes. Most, but not all of the recipes featured on the website are oil-free. But with a few small changes, or by choosing oil-free products (such as wraps, non-dairy yogurt, etc), you can often make the recipe oil-free too.

13) Plant Plate

With a large oil-free and low fat, whole plant food recipe inventory, Plant Plate is a reliable resource for healthy, vegan recipes that taste great too! Soups, stews, bean dishes, salads, dressings, and desserts, you’ll likely find something that the whole family can enjoy.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 Brown Rice Pulao Sharan India

14) Sharan India

Sharing the message of health and compassion, Sharan India has a good supply of oil-free, vegan recipes. You’ll find culinary dishes inspired by cultures around the world. Of course, there are many Indian recipes as well—only made oil-free and vegan. Many of the ingredients in the recipes are more readily available in India too.

15) Plants Rule

Made primarily with whole plant foods, the recipes on Plants Rule are also oil-free. There’s a good variety of unique and flavourful dishes to choose from, so you won’t be running out of healthy vegan meal inspiration anytime soon. Plus, these recipes are a great option to serve when you’re having company because they certainly won’t disappoint!

16) Empower Total Health

Empower Total Health is another Australia-based website dedicated to sharing the benefits of plant-based living. The site has a vast selection of oil-free, whole plant foods recipes to choose from with many recipes being salt and refined sugar-free. Salads, spreads, burgers, stews, and more are all made plant-based and without oil.  

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 black bean burgers  Eat Plant Based

17) Eat Plant-Based

Eat Plant-Based has oil-free, plant-based recipes for all occasions. The recipes are conveniently categorised so that you can more easily find just what you’re looking for!

18) Sweet Simple Vegan

Not all of the recipes on Sweet Simple Vegan are oil-free, but many of the newer ones are and others can be made without oil easily enough. One thing is for sure though, the vegan recipes are bound to be tasty! You’ll find dips and spread, main entrees, salads and dressings, gluten-free options, and more.

19) My Plant-Based Family

The oil-free, whole plant foods recipes on My Plant-Based Family are family friendly and even kid-approved. They also tend to be more budget-friendly, so they’re recipes you can come to rely on as your staples.

20) The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

A good place to find whole plant food recipes that are free from salt, oil, and sugar, is The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. Often following Dr. Fuhrman’s “nutritarian” approach, the recipes are nutrient-rich and filling. Be sure to check out the sauces and dressings in particular!

Oil-Free, Plant-Based Recipe Websites in 2019 hummus pasta Ceara's Kitchen

21) Ceara’s Kitchen

Ceara’s Kitchen is definitely a good website for oil-free, vegan recipes. In particular, this is the place to find holiday dishes, sauces, creamy pastas, and other hearty oil-free meals and desserts!

22) Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures

With a good supply of oil-free, plant-based recipes that is ever growing, Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures is a website filled with tasty, whole plant food recipes. You can type “oil-free” in the recipe search bar, but plenty of other recipes are oil-free too!

23) Mama Sezz

A whole food, plant-based meal delivery service, Mama Sezz also has a growing number of oil-free, plant-based recipes on their website. And they provide a nice variety of recipes to choose from too. This website is certainly a useful resource for healthy eating!

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 rice and chickpea salad Gift of Health

24) Gift of Health

Gift of Health has a picture index of oil-free recipes making it easy to scroll through the options. If you like Indian-style dishes in particular, than this is the recipe resource for you. But there is a wide range of other healthy meals too. Some of the recipes featured are from other plant-based sites as well.

25) Simply Plant-Based

The recipes on Simply Plant-Based are in video form, so you can follow along as the recipe is prepared. Many of the videos feature recipes from different plant-based recipe creators. And most of those are cooking videos for Dr. McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss recipes which you can find the written version of on the Dr. McDougall website.

26) PlantPure Chef

PlantPure Chef is a collection of oil-free, whole food, plant-based recipes associated with the PlantPure Nation documentary. There are lots of holiday and seasonal recipes to keep you well supplied throughout the year.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 moroccan chickpeas and rice Rise Shine Cook

27) Rise Shine Cook

If you’re looking for oil-free and gluten-free plant-based recipes, Rise Shine Cook is just the website. You can find unique, hearty vegan recipes for any occasion. And most are made with whole plant foods too.  

28) Plant Based Recipe

The recipes on Plant Based Recipe are oil-free and vegan. Among many unique recipes, you’ll find a good supply of sauces, dips, and spreads that are thick and satisfying. The recipes are conveniently labeled, so you know if they’re low in fat or salt-free. A breakdown of the nutrition facts is also provided, so you know roughly how many calories or how many milligrams of sodium are in each recipe serving.

29) Clean Food Dirty Girl

Clean Food Dirty Girl has a long list of oil-free, plant-based recipes that are usually tucked within a blog post. And the recipes are whole food, plant-based too, so you know they’ll be filling! For meals that don’t take long to prepare, check the “super fast” box in the left-hand side bar.

30) Edible Musings

With a pictured recipe index, you have a nice way to scroll through the recipes on Edible Musings to see if there’s something you might like. There are soups, breads, vegetables dishes, dips, healthier comfort foods, and more. Although not all of the recipes are oil-free, many recipes provide an option to not use it. And others, with a couple of adjustments, could be made without oil too.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 au gratin potatoes Your Mom's Vegan

31) Your Mom’s Vegan

Your Mom’s Vegan has a good supply of oil-free, vegan recipes to choose from that are gluten-free too. Many of the recipes are familiar comfort foods that have been made into healthier plant-based dishes, including vegan versions of traditionally cheesy recipes.

32) The Bright Bird

Including soups, sauces, breakfast dishes, and more, you can find a number of oil-free, vegan recipes on The Bright Bird. The recipes are made primarily with whole plant foods, making for colourful and hearty meals.

33) Plantivores

There haven’t been any new recipes added in a while, but Plantivores still has a good range of oil-free, plant-based recipes to choose from. Desserts, holiday dishes, bean-based meals, and breakfast recipes, have all been made vegan. And many are, or can be made, oil-free too.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 sugar free violet drink The Plant Philosophy

34) The Plant Philosophy

The Plant Philosophy has a large inventory of vegan recipes, compiled over the years. If you search “oil-free” under the recipes tab, you’ll see a good number of recipes that are prepared without oil (although other recipes might be oil-free too).

35) Nutriplanet

Oil-free, plant-based dinner entrees, breakfast dishes, and baking are the most common recipes on Nutriplanet. Chocolate-y sweet treats, in particular, are something you’ll find throughout the website.

36) High Carb Hannah 

High Carb Hannah has a number of oil-free, plant-based recipes that are made mainly with whole plant foods. There are healthier recipes as well as some “vegan comfort food” style dishes.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 flourless sweet potato waffles Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too

37) Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too!!!

For family-friendly vegan recipes, that are actually healthy, Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too is the website to go to. With salt, oil, and sugar-free recipes made with whole plant foods, you know you’ll be feeding your family healthy meals. And they taste good too!

38) Engine 2

A selection of tried-and-tested oil-free, plant-based recipes can be found on Engine 2. Scroll through the recipes pages to find breakfast recipes, bean dishes, plant-based burgers, desserts, and more.

39) Protective Diet

On the Protective Diet website, once you click the recipes tab, the recipes featured on the right-hand side are the “free” recipes. However, you do still have to sign up in order to access the recipes.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 hash brown omelette potato strong

40) Potato Strong

A website that’s still a reliable place to get low fat, oil-free, plant-based recipes, is Potato Strong. Most of the recipes are made with simple, affordable ingredients, and they don’t take long to put together either.

41) Veggie Inspired

Not all of the recipes are oil-free on Veggie Inspired, but using the categories drop down menu under the recipes tab you can search for “oil-free vegan recipes”. And, don’t worry, there’s still quite a large selection left for you to choose from.

42) Helyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen

Not all of the recipes on Helyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen are oil-free, but most of the ones from more recent years are. Scroll down to the bottom of the categorised recipe lists to find more recent recipes.

43) Ground leaf

It’s certainly easier to make oil-free recipes when using an Instant Pot or air fryer, and Ground Leaf has recipes for both. Plus, there are other recipes too, also made without any oil.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 Happy Earth Kitchen lentil stew

44) Happy Earth Kitchen

You’ll find a number of oil-free, whole plant food recipes under the blog tab on Happy Earth Kitchen’s website. Raw or cooked, the recipes are nutrient-rich and colourful!

45) Plant Based U

There are raw and cooked vegan recipes on Plant Based U, many of which are oil-free and low fat. Take a look through the left-hand side bar to find a category that interests you.

46) Victoria Laine

Victoria Laine provides gluten-free, plant-based recipes, many of which are also oil-free. Have a look through the recipe library for something that suits your needs.

47) Mrs. Plant

Not all, but the vast majority of the recipes on Mrs. Plant are oil-free. Be sure to scroll down the page to view more of the recipes as the site is set up “blog-style”. In the mix, there are even a few featured or slightly altered recipes from other plant-based recipe creators or websites.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe Websites 2019 yellow pepper soup and polenta triangles Plant Based Down Under

48) Plant Based Family Down Under

Plant Based Family Down Under has a supply of healthy, oil-free, plant-based recipes that have been added over the years. Take a look through the archives or various categories to choose your next meal from the reliable list of healthy recipes.

49) Raw is Sexy

Many of the recipes on Raw is Sexy are oil-free. And there is a variety of both raw and cooked vegan recipes to choose from, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

50) Chef Ramses Bravo

Chef Ramses Bravo has a sampling of whole plant food recipes to get you started. They’re nutrient-rich, tasty, and reliably oil-free too.

Bonus) Dr. Fuhrman

Not all the recipes are vegan on Dr. Fuhrman, and you need to register to have access to most recipes. But there are quite a few oil-free recipes to keep you going for a while.

Update: And, of course…

Nutmeg Notebook

Another great oil-free, plant-based recipe website to visit is Nutmeg Notebook. Conveniently organised by type and cooking method, you can easily sift through the many recipes to find something you’re looking for. And follow on Instagram for some pur-ty pictures of healthy, whole plant food meals!

Other websites to check out for a few oil-free, plant-based recipes include:

With this list, you’re unlikely to run out of healthy meal ideas. These websites have enough oil-free vegan, recipes to keep you well supplied!

You can find featured oil-free, vegan recipes from many of the above websites here on The Vegan Junction. Most of the featured recipes are low fat and gluten-free too, with recommendations for making them low in sodium or salt-free. Just so you have your bases covered!

Having a steady stream of healthy recipes will help ensure plant-based eating never gets boring.

Plus, trying out different recipes can introduce you to new plant foods or combinations you hadn’t thought of before.

You never know, they just might end up becoming your new favourites!

Do you know of other great oil-free, plant-based (and vegan) recipe websites? Mention them in the comments below!

If you want to eat healthier or lose weight, then follow these principles for healthy, plant-based eating.

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