Plant-Based Directory

Whether you are just beginning the plant-based lifestyle or have been following it for a while, having reliable and knowledgeable resources on hand can make all the difference.

Use these tips and resources to create your own healthy, plant-based lifestyle that can last a lifetime.


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Nutrition advice 

It is reassuring to know where to go for nutrition advice to get answers to your pressing questions or to learn about new studies or research on plant-based health.

plant based directory

Plant-based success stories

One of the things many people find is most helpful is learning about the success stories of others. The plant-based diet has been known to help people overcome a wide variety of health issues from high blood pressure to multiple sclerosis to Type 2 diabetes.

Reading these stories first-hand can not only provide you with a sense of confidence in this lifestyle, but it can also potentially provide an experience that you can more readily relate to.

Healthy living tips and advice 

Additionally, getting tips and advice from others who have made the plant-based lifestyle work long-term for themselves and their family can give you the insight you need to do the same. Using their tips and experiences you can make lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle within your household.

plant based directory

Oil-free vegan recipes

Then, of course, there are recipes. Everyone likes new and delicious sounding recipes, and for good reason. The food can keep things interesting and help keep you committed to plant-based eating. And that’s important.

The food may not be the same as you grew up with, but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste good.

That’s why it’s essential to have plenty of recipes at your fingertips, so you can find healthy meals that will suit you and your family.

Your healthy, plant-based resource

With all of this being the motivation behind TVJ’s Plant-Based Directory, it has been made to bring together tips and advice along with other resources such as links to articles, videos, and websites that you may need along your plant-based journey.

Whether you’re new to the plant-based lifestyle or have been following it for a while, these resources can come in handy.

As you go forward, here are a couple of quotes to bear in mind from T. Colin Campbell, Author of The China Study,

“The process of eating is perhaps the most intimate encounter we have with our world; it is a process in which what we eat becomes part of our body.”

“So, what is my prescription for good health? In short, it is about the multiple health benefits of consuming plant-based foods….”

Following a plant-based lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your health.

This Plant-Based Directory is here to guide you along the way and make sure the changes you make work long-term.

Here’s to your health!

plant based directory

Learn how to live and thrive plant-based

This directory is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to succeed with a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

Understanding the importance of following a plant-based diet is great, but having the resources you need to make the lifestyle work for you can make all the difference.

That’s what this directory is here for, to be your go-to plant-based resource.

In it, you’ll learn where to find the best nutrition and health advice along with tips for making the lifestyle work for you.

Chapters covered in the directory include:

 Transitioning to plant-based life
 Learning new skills
 Plant-based family
More than just a diet
 Healthy, plant-based recipes

Healthy living doesn’t have to be difficult. Making the plant-based lifestyle work is about knowing where to go to find answers to your questions or to find the tools you need.

Following a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your health. Once you’ve made that step, it’s just a matter of making sure you have the resources you need to make the lifestyle stick.

“I know of nothing else in medicine that can come close to what a plant-based diet can do” – T. Colin Campbell, Author of Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

With TVJ’s Plant-Based Directory you’ll learn everything you need to help you and your family live a long and healthy life!

Plant-based really is the healthiest way to eat and live, and it’s good for the planet too!