Plant Based Muscles and Chihuahua Fur Family | Adopt Don’t Shop Series

This next interview is with Vanessa, of Plant-Based Muscles, and her rescue fur family!


What are your dogs’ names?

Pebbles, Angel, Diego and Sadie

How and when did you meet?

They were all rescued at different times. My first rescue was Pebbles, almost 9 years ago. Two years later I rescued Angel then Diego about a year later and Sadie about a year later after that.

Did they have any health or psychological difficulties when you met?

Two out of the four were very abused. Angel was rescued from a puppy mill. Sadie and Diego were a day away from being euthanized.

What was the “adoption” process like?

For my first rescue it took a little bit of time because Chihuahua and Small Dog Rescue came out to my house and made sure everything was suitable for me to adopt. I loved how they were so selective on how they adopt their rescues out. They were so cautious on making sure that their dog was going to the right home.

How long did it take for them/you to adjust to your new life together? And what was the transition process like?

All four adjusted so well. We made the transition easy for them because of the love and care we gave them and still give them. All four are so spoiled. I want to make their lives as happy as I possibly can.

Do you have any favourite activities you like to do together?

Our favorite thing to do together is hike. We walk an hour almost every day. They love their walks so much. We take them to the mountains and to different parks and trails. They are in very good shape and have very muscular legs from all the hiking.

Do they have a favourite toy or “cuddly-thing?”

Diego carries a big stuffed animal goose everywhere he goes, he even has to bring it to the park and to bed with him. Pebbles will play with only a certain few toys, she also takes them to bed with her. Sadie loves to play with a huge elephant stuffed animal, it’s bigger than her. Angel will sit and watch everyone else play, she’s the more mature one.

Do they have any interesting or unique habits or traits?

All four have such different personalities. They are all very possessive over their house and property. They are so very protective over my mom and I. They are not very fond of other people in their house until they get to know you.

And are, or were they ever finicky eaters?

My mom cooks for them every night. Angel and Diego are extremely picky. My mom changes their food up all the time to make them happy.

Has life with your rescues been a rewarding and worthwhile experience?

It has been the most rewarding experience of my life. My Chihuahuas are my whole world. I can’t even describe the love I have for them. They make life complete.

Do you have any advice for others considering pet adoption or rescue?

To make sure that the animal you decide to rescue is the right fit for your family and lifestyle. Also, that you understand that it’s a life-long commitment.


Thank you Vanessa, what a cute fur bunch you have!

You can find and follow Vanessa at and on Instagram and Twitter, where you can find more adorable photos of the Chihuahua crew.

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