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This next interview in the Adopt Don’t Shop Series is with Daria Zeoli of Your Daily Vegan, and her rescue Millie!



Millie, sporting a lovely jacket

What is your rescue’s name(s)?

Millie, aka Mills, Millie-moo, Boo, Boogie. Oddly enough, Millie is not her original name, though she already had it when we adopted her. Some of her paperwork says she was once called Montana.

Can you share a bit about your fur family? Where did they come from?

We adopted Millie from a local rescue a few months after my father died in 2013. We had been looking on Petfinder, visiting shelters, and heading to PetSmart when the rescues had their adoptees there each weekend. One Saturday in November, we found Millie and it was instant — we knew she was meant to join our family.

Does she get along with everyone?

Millie is our only non-human member of the family. She gets along with us fine, though she is partial to my mother, who is here with her most.

When she first arrived in your home, was she at all psychologically or physically traumatised from her early life? How was the transition period?

Millie was estimated to be 4-5 years old when we adopted her. She had been rescued from Virginia and had been living with a family for six months before they returned her to the rescue and we were lucky enough to meet her. While we can’t know what Millie’s past was like, in the two years we’ve lived with her we see a difference. She didn’t bark for the first month she was here, and we wondered if she’d been de-barked! (Fortunately, that isn’t the case.) She does not like the car; our first vet was several miles away and Millie would inevitably puke when we got there or when we arrived home. We now keep her car trips within a mile or so and she does much better.

What does your fur family member eat? Does she have any preferred treats?

Our veterinarian has diagnosed Millie with inflammatory bowel disease; we spent a lot of sleepless nights last year as Millie went through bouts of nausea, vomiting, and furious licking of the floor. She is now on a prescription diet which has been working very well for her. Unfortunately, this means that Millie doesn’t get as many treats as we’d like to give her; as a beagle she would eat anything presented (or found on the ground). She does like the occasional piece of watermelon, chickpeas, or blueberries.

Is she mainly an indoor folk or outdoor roamer? 

Millie is an indoor dog; she hangs out with my mother all the time. However, the beagle instinct is strong within this one, and she’s out for a walk (and sniffing the neighborhood) several times a day.

How about play things or activities, does she have any favourites?

Millie would love soft, stuffed toys if she had them, but with her stomach issues, we can’t risk her swallowing them (which she has done, in pieces, early on in our time together). She is not so fond of the balls we’ve gotten for her, but she loves the two Jolly Pet bones we found — they are sturdy, non-edible, and definite favorites!

If people would like to help out or donate to a great cause, but aren’t interested in adopting at the moment, are there any places you would recommended they look into?

I would recommend researching your local shelters or rescues and seeing what kind of help is needed. Our local shelter is always looking for volunteers and supplies; they are overrun with cats year round and just took in over fifty dogs from a hoarding case. If you have time, resources, or money to give, there are plenty of organizations that can use the help!

Are there any resources you would direct someone to, either for adoptions or information about taking in a rescue?

I found Petfinder to be invaluable as we looked for someone who needed a home. I learned about a lot of local organizations through them. I would suggest that anyone looking to adopt do their homework — have a plan when it comes to health, insurance, training, and where your companion animal will spend most of her time.

And is there anything else you would like to share, or advice you have for others considering adoption or rescue?

Living with companion animals isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding. These animals were bred and born into a system that humans created; taking care of them is the least we can do for them. Please, if you are considering sharing your home with an animal, remember “Adopt, don’t shop!”


Thank you Daria and Millie!

You can find PetFinder here.

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