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This interview, of the Adopt Don’t Shop Series, is with Shiri (TheVeganDesigner) and the cute, furry, rescue trio who certainly all have their own unique personalities!

adopt don't shop shiri

What are your and your rescue’s names?

My name is Shiri Takacs. My cats names are Fennel (tuxedo), Fidget (Gray), and Face (Tabby).

Tell us a bit about your rescues.

Face was our first rescue. She was actually a feral cat, her and her sister Fish, who sadly went missing 2 years ago. A neighbor found a box with 2 kittens at a school, brought the box to our apartment complex and opened it outside the apartment which obviously resulted in the 2 kittens escaping and running free into the bushes lining our apartments.

We heard them crying every night, and we fed them daily just outside our apartment. We slowly lured them in with food, and one day, the day of thanksgiving 2011 decided that this would be the day we adopted them, and we did. We shut the window behind them, they freaked out, but slowly started to warm up to us. Face is still skittish and will often run away if I approach her too quickly, but she has a safe place, food and lots of love, and that’s better than being out to fend for herself.

We adopted Fennel from Adopt & Shop during the holiday season of 2014 to give Face some company after her sister Fish disappeared. We thought she would be a great addition to the family, but Face disagreed. It turns out Face is quite a loner, and enjoys no one’s company but her own.

Fennel is a polydactyl. She has an extra toe on each foot, and looks like she’s wearing mittens. She brings lots of life into the apartment, and is extremely demanding of attention and play time. Her favorite thing to do is run up and down the hallway at 5:00am, she figures this is an appropriate thing to do at such an hour.

adopt don't shop shiri

In late May 2015, my partner at the time and I were walking around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a cat who looked worse for wear. He looked up at us, and began meowing. We petted him, and continued walking, feeling really guilty about how bad he looked. He followed us of course, and I couldn’t ignore the fact that he obviously needed help.

He was skinny, scabby and didn’t look like he was coping as a street cat (as well as the others in the area). He followed us half way to our apartment, we grabbed a cage, took him up to our balcony, and visited the Humane Society the next day to get him checked with the intention of finding a forever home for him. It took us a good couple of months to get him back to health, we became attached, and he and Fennel have become best buddies!

adopt don't shop shiri

What do they typically eat? Do they have any favourite snacks? 

We feed them a mix of Ami’s vegan cat food, and Nature’s Balance can food. Fidget and Face enjoy everything and anything that’s part of their natural diet as a species, but Fennel enjoys coconut meat, cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, grapes and apples. I obviously don’t give her these things very often, but she’ll find her way into my salad bowl to pick the lettuce out every time.

adopt don't shop Shiri

Do they have any favourite activities or toys?

Face enjoys hitting around a $1 mouse around the house, she entertains herself. Fennel is obsessed with paper bags. She loves jumping in them and tearing them a part from the inside. She also enjoys anything that moves underneath blankets and carpets. Fidget will take part in anything. He’s surprisingly playful for a cat his age. They all love going outside into the backyard for change of scenery as well, and staring out our windows from the inside.


Well, thank you Shiri. What a cute feline bunch you have!

You can find Shiri at TheVeganDesigner.

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