Top 25 Healthy Plant-Based YouTube Channels to Watch

Top Healthy Plant-Based YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for YouTube channels with a plant-based health focus, look no further.

Video form is a great way to learn new information. They’re convenient and you don’t need to spend a lot of time to learn something new.

They also feel interactive. You can get to know others following this lifestyle while learning about useful resources.

Plus, there’s lots of variety.

You can find anything ranging from a couple of minutes to in depth lectures that last an hour or longer. There are videos from formal events on plant-based nutrition, one-on-one interviews, casual updates or recipes, scientific findings on health and diet, plant-based news, and more.

Below are many of the best YouTube channels focused on plant-based health.

With a range of plant-based nutrition information, healthy weight-loss tips, and oil-free recipes, these are some of the best go-to places for healthy living and eating advice.

Top Healthy Plant-Based YouTube Channels


A highly popular channel covering various aspects of plant-based nutrition, is a great source for the latest diet and scientific studies. These short format videos sharing findings from the latest medical studies will keep you up-to-date on all things nutrition and diet-related.

2) Dr. McDougall, MD

On Dr. McDougall‘s YouTube channel there are lots of health-minded and plant-based discussions, webinars, and recorded lectures. It’s also a great place to find stories from “Star McDougallers” and individuals who improved their health once switching to a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. There are also longer videos featuring various plant-based professionals providing their insights on a variety of topics.

3) The Real Truth About Health

The Real Truth About Health has videos of various plant-based and nutrition talks and conferences including speeches by leading plant-based professionals. The videos can help you to learn about a number of health-related topics from some of the most knowledgeable sources. For example, many great and informative talks like the one above from Dr. Kim A. Williams are featured on the channel.

4) Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has a video channel where Dr. Neal Barnard and other plant-based professionals share nutrition advice and plant-based living tips. There are even plant-based recipes as well as a lot of helpful information about diabetes as well as why dairy shouldn’t be part of a healthy diet. You’ll also find PCRM’s The Exam Room Podcast which features various plant-based and nutrition topics.

5) Mastering Diabetes 

Mastering Diabetes provides quality information and advice for overcoming insulin sensitivity and even reversing type 2 diabetes. Here you’ll also learn about and see first-hand how to successfully live with type 1 diabetes following a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet. Learning from those who are living it is always helpful, and Robby Barbaro and Dr. Cyrus Khambatta sure know what they’re doing. With numerous inspiring success stories, Robby and Cyrus show you that even eating a high fruit, low fat diet you can improve your insulin sensitivity.

6) Pamela Popper

Dr. Pam Popper provides videos focused on topics relating to health. You’ll get your questions answered along with tips and advice for how to live healthfully. Dr. Popper covers various topics, sharing and commenting on current scientific diet studies and related news. Keeping you updated on what’s going on in the US health and medical industry, Dr. Popper’s channel is a good go-to source.

7) Gustavo Tolosa

On Gustavo Tolosa‘s channel you’ll find numerous interviews with plant-based doctors such as Dr. John McDougall. Covering a range of topics about health and nutrition the videos are informative and helpful for those interested in improving and maintaining their health.

8) Plant-Based News

Along with news and information about the environment, the animals, vegan products and more, Plant-Based News also features a large amount of health-based videos. They share nutrition information, plant-based health transformations, and healthy eating tips, including interviews and clips with many prominent plant-based professionals.

9) Plant-Based Science London 

Providing short, science-backed videos about nutrition Plant-Based Science London is a good place to get your weekly dose of healthy eating advice. With links to the scientific studies and sources cited in the video, you can also become familiar with numerous other quality plant-based nutrition resources that are available.

10) Rich Roll

Rich Roll‘s channel is focused on healthy, active, and happy living. With healthy plant-based content including interviews with Dr. Klaper, Drs Sherzai, Dr. Kahn, Rip Esselstyn, and more there is plenty to learn. Rich is also the perfect example of how plant-based living can support an active lifestyle. The videos are of varying lengths with many of the podcasts-turned-videos providing longer, more in-depth conversations on a given topic. 

11) Chef AJ

A long time vegan, Chef AJ shares longer videos about plant-based health and nutrition. Her weekly question and answer-style videos are about weight loss, living vegan, plant-based eating, and, of course, recipes. There are also interviews with plant-based doctors as well as others following the lifestyle who have lost excess weight and re-gained their health.

12) VegSource

A long-time online vegetarian resource, VegSource is a good place to find health-minded plant-based info. The channel has quite a selection of videos on diet and health from a number of leading plant-based professionals. Much of the information provided encourages, and shares the benefits of, following a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet.

13) Well Your World 

Sharing healthy eating tips, Well Your World has recipe and cooking videos to help you live plant-based. As the videos take you step-by-step through many of the recipes, they seem easier to incorporate into your own weekly meals. You’ll also find interviews with a number of plant-based professionals where you can learn more about healthy, plant-based eating.

14) Mic the Vegan 

Mic the Vegan is another popular vegan channel covering a range of topics from a health as well as avegan perspective. Here you can find commentary on the latest news on diet and health as well as how to live vegan. Mic also share tips for what to eat and how to prepare healthy, plant-based foods.

15) Niko Rittenau

Niko Rittenau is a German-based YouTube channel that has a selection of vegan and health-minded plant-based videos. You can also find a variety of talks from featured speakers at the Plant-Based Symposium. Many of those talks are in English, but can be accompanied by German subtitles.

16) Fruity Lou

Fruit Lou encourages a low fat, raw, whole plant food lifestyle focusing on raw fruit and vegetables. This channel also has a number of interviews featuring success stories with individuals who have improved their health with a fruit-based, whole plant food lifestyle.

17) Texas Fruitarian

Thriving after Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Texas Fruitarian shares the benefits of a low fat, salt-free, raw, and whole plant food lifestyle. On Texas Fruitarian you can learn about and see the power of plants. Specifically, you’ll see the positive effects that can result from being consistent with the lifestyle as it helps to heal the body by building health one meal at a time. And most importantly, how the lifestyle can substantially improve one’s quality of life.

18) Jeanne Schumacher – Plant Power

Jeanne Schumacher – Plant Power is a health-focused channel that shares interviews with leading plant-based professionals. Scroll through the videos and you’ll also find a number of plant-based success stories along with some good whole food, plant-based recipes.

19) GojiMan

A selection of vegan and plant-based health news can be found on GojiMan. There are also plant-based nutrition videos answering your questions about how to eat a healthy, plant-based diet. Topics that have been covered so far include iron, protein, digestive issues, vegetable oils, and B12.

20) PlantPure TV

PlantPure TV has a selection of longer videos featuring interviews with plant-based professionals along with shorter videos about the plant-based movement. There are also a number of plant-based recipes, cooking tips, and various examples of plant-based meals.

21) Andrew Perlot

Videos from Andrew Perlot emphasize the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet. Andrew often shares his own experiments and the results with the aim of helping others improve their health and athletic performance. On his channel you can also learn how he improved his colitis and other digestive issues with a whole food, plant-based diet. In the many informative videos (and accompanying blogs), there are also links to studies and other resources that you can visit to further your own learning.

22) Spud Fit 

Spud Fit provides simple whole food, plant-based eating tips for weight-loss. With an emphasis on being active and making it all work with a busy lifestyle, Spud Fit shares tips, interviews with others living a plant-based lifestyle, and whole plant food (often potato-based) meals that don’t require too much fuss in the kitchen.

23) PlantBasedAthlete

PlantBasedAthlete shares plant-based nutrition information, often commenting on current news or events, as well as providing videos that encourage a whole food, plant-based and active lifestyle. Showing through example that eating plants can go hand-in-hand with strength-based activities and sports, PlantBasedAthlete also shows you that  eating whole plant foods doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can still look forward to your food.

24) Guilt Free TV

Building muscle and weight training on a plant-based diet, Guilt Free TV shares recipe videos, health, and strength-building tips. Covering a variety of diet and health topics, Guilt Free TV also features interviews with many of the top plant-based doctors.

25) Potato Strong 

Having lost weight and gained health following a plant-based diet, Will of Potato Strong shares what he’s learned. Potato Strong has useful, easy to follow tips and advice for living plant-based. You’ll also find videos about growing your own produce, weight training workouts, and interviews with plant-based professionals.


Vegetarian Society of Hawaii

The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii also has a number of videos about vegan living as well as plant-based nutrition that they have unloaded over the years. These include many full length talks on various aspects of health and diet featuring knowledgeable individuals on plant-based health.


You may not resonate with all of the above channels, but there is likely something that you do like. That is the great benefit of there being an increasing emphasis on plant-based nutrition in society—there are more options to choose from!

And the overall focus of many of these channels is to create a sustainable, whole plant food lifestyle.

So which ever whole plant foods you like to incorporate into your diet, and which ever plant-based doctors you like to follow most, this list hopefully contains something for you.

If you know of any other channels that provide plant-based videos with an emphasis on whole plant foods and nutrition, please share them in the comments below. Channels you know of that are sharing information on plant-based nutrition in different languages or from locations around the globe are greatly appreciated!

There are countless other plant-based and vegan channels out there. Not all are focused on health, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something great to add.

If you have another favourite plant-based or vegan YouTube channel, you can let others know by sharing it in the comments section.

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