Top 10 Oil-Free Plant-Based Recipe YouTube Channels

oil free plant based recipe youtube channels
Even if you’re committed to following a healthy lifestyle and eating oil-free plant-based, it’s not always easy finding oil-free recipes.

Especially since taking traditional recipes and attempting to make them oil-free doesn’t always turn out as planned, at least not the first time around.

So where do you go to find healthy, plant-based recipes that are already oil-free?

Luckily there are some dedicated recipe creators who are committed to healthy eating. They’ve already done the trial and error, so you know the recipes they share will be great.

Is spending hours in the kitchen testing out various recipes and meal ideas just not your thing? Or do you get frustrated buying new plant-based cookbooks only to realise the majority of the recipes are loaded with oil and salt? No worries.

These top 10 YouTube channels share healthy, oil-free plant-based recipes along with a demonstration of how to make them. So the hard work is done for you.

Their recipes save you time and get you sharing healthy meals with your family that everyone will enjoy.

Plus, it’s always nice seeing other individuals and families who are committed to healthy, plant-based living.

You’ll regularly find new recipes on these channels. With many of the recipes placing an emphasis on using whole plant foods for optimal nutrition.

1) The Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show

Inspired by Eat to Live and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s approach with a “Nutritarian Diet”, Jill creates recipes focused on whole plant foods. Additionally, the recipes are free from added salt, oil, and sugar (sos-free). So the meals are delicious and you can rest easy knowing you’re fueling your body (and your family) with some of the healthiest foods. The Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking Show is the place to find nutritious oil-free plant-based recipes. From beans and greens to healthy desserts, sauces, and dressings, there’s a bit of everything.

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2) Jane Esselstyn

Jane Esselstyn and her mother Ann are an entertaining duo with a sense of humour and lots of experience preparing healthy, oil-free plant-based meals. Family tried-and-tested, they share many of the recipes from The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook. You’ll find recipes for hummus, burgers, crispy tortillas, and of course oats, all oil-free and filled with flavour. Alongside the recipes, you’ll also learn some of Jane and Ann’s tips and tricks for making great tasting food.

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3) Cooking With Plants 

Have a look through the recipes shared on Cooking With Plants. You’ll likely be surprised that they’re oil-free. With recipes for oil-free cheesy sauces, seasoned oven fries, gluten-free pizza, a chickpea omelette, and even vegan butter, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. Anja has managed to make healthier, oil-free plant-based versions of them all. Who said eating plant-based means giving up all of your favourite foods? These recipes will even impress your toughest to please dinner guests.

4) Well Your World

Recipes on this channel are usually personal favourites of the chef or requested via the Well Your World Facebook page. Dillon often makes most of the recipe in real time, so you can see just how easy they can be to make. If you’re looking for straight forward, healthy recipes that taste great, Well Your World is a good place to find them. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. And the best way to stick to this lifestyle long-term is to focus on whole plant foods you enjoy (like Pico, for example). In addition to tips for succeeding on a healthy plant-based lifestyle, Well Your World is also the perfect place to learn more about growing your own food, avoiding unnecessary food waste, and living a more sustainable life.

5) Nini Girl

Providing oil-free, plant-based recipes that even your kids can enjoy. The recipes featured on Nini Girl are made with an emphasis on whole plant foods. They’re also often made with the aim of being family, and especially kid-friendly. This channel is a great place to learn how to make oil-free plant-based living a reality for your family. Because eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore when it comes to feeding your kids. Instead, why not go with kid-approved recipes you know you’ll all love?!

6) Forks Over Knives

Here you’ll find short videos showing you how to make all types of healthy plant-based dishes. The videos are simple and to the point making the prep process feel a lot less stressful. Breakfast, snacks, dinner, or desserts, Forks Over Knives provides a range of oil-free plant-based recipes for you to choose from. There are dips, salads, pastas, casseroles, pancakes, and more!

7) Feasting on Fruit

Creating many sweet and fruity recipes made whole plant food ingredients, the recipes on Feasting on Fruit are made without oil or refined sugar. Just because you want a sweet treat, doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. Plus, the whole plant foods in these recipes often provide more flavour, making the end result taste even better than a traditional version. If you’re looking to wow someone with a vegan dessert, that also happens to be healthier, look no further. You’re sure to find one, or a few on Feasting on Fruit.

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8) The Vegan 8

Short videos sharing many of the popular recipes from The Vegan 8 website, this channel gives you a taste of the variety of oil-free plant-based meals and snacks that you can enjoy. You’ll be amazed how well they turn out! These recipes will show you that you don’t need oil to make great tasting food. You also don’t need too many ingredients. Using 8 ingredients or less Brandi prepares recipes that time and again amaze. All the recipes have been tried-and-tested by the chef. And she definitely knows what she’s doing, so you know it’ll be good! Hearty meals or satisfying snacks, you’ll find them on The Vegan 8.

9) The Butterfly Effect – Plant-Based Weight Loss

Having lost nearly 300 pounds, Heather knows what it takes to eat healthy and stick with it. On The Butterfly Effect — Plant-Based Weight Loss she shares recipes that have worked for her along with tips for what to eat to lose weight and keep it off long-term. Nutrient-rich foods are key, and making sure to eat foods you enjoy doesn’t hurt either! If you’re looking for weight-loss tips that work or just some tasty oil-free plant-based recipes that are made from whole plant foods, Heather is here to help and share what she’s learned along the way.

10) Jill McKeever

Passionate about the Instant Pot, Jill McKeever cooks many of her family’s oil-free plant-based meals in the pressure cooker. Whether you want to simply cook beans or rice, or you’re looking for an entire meal you can make in the Instant Pot, Jill has you covered. Take a peek through the recipes she’s shared over the years to learn more about how healthy, oil-free plant based dishes for your family don’t have to take long to prepare.

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BONUS) Peaceful Dumpling

Not all of the recipes on Peaceful Cuisine are oil-free, but the ones that are should not be missed! Many recipes like quinoa porridge, buckwheat pancakes, sweet potato pudding, fresh almond milk, and raw banana cookies are all made without oil. In other recipes added oil can be left out, as with Acai Ice Cream, or they can be made oil-free with a few adjustments. So take a look through the videos on Peaceful Cuisine for recipes showcasing a range of gourmet vegan cuisine presented in a relaxing and artistic style.

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These are some of the best places to find oil-free, plant-based recipes online.

Often taking you step-by-step through the prep and cooking process, watching oil-free recipe videos is a great way to get more familiar with healthy, plant-based meals.

Whether you like longer videos or shorter, recipes that focus on whole plant foods, or meals that are low in salt, you can certainly finding something to suit your needs.

So take a look at these plant-based YouTube channels to find the inspiration you need to eat healthy and prepare more oil-free plant-based meals!

Do you know of other great video channels committed to creating oil-free, healthy vegan recipes? Share them in the comments below.

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