Unfried Rice with Vegetables

Low-Fat Unfried Rice from The Vegan 8


This vegan unfried rice recipe is a low-fat, oil-free version of a favourite meal. And it’s gluten-free too!

It’s really nice to find an oil-free recipe for “fried rice,” yet one that still retains all the flavour.

The recipe calls for “slow cooking” brown rice. So, you’ll probably want to stick with regular brown rice, as opposed to sprouted brown rice, as the regular variety has a longer cooking time (usually around 50 minutes). Sprouted brown rice, or even regular white rice are both great, but for this vegan unfried rice recipe the longer cooking time really lets the flavour from the vegetable broth be absorbed into the rice.

The photos appear to have a brown rice/wild rice mix, from some of Brandi’s previous experiments, I believe. Feel free to try out a rice mix if you like, just bear in mind that wild rice takes a bit longer to cook and generally does retain a bit more crunch to it. Maybe try a couple of different options and see what you prefer.

You can use a low-sodium soy sauce, like this gluten-free one, or Braggs liquid aminos, both work well. And, if you can’t have sesame seeds, or you’re just not that into them, you can leave them off. But, they do add a nice bit of flavour and texture.

Onions, peas, and carrots accompany the vegetable broth in this recipe, but you can go with whatever vegetables you like. If you add in more vegetables, you may want to add a bit more broth, or at least have some extra on hand in case you need to top up the liquid while the rice and vegetables cook.

Vegan Low-Fat Unfried Rice is a great way to enjoy a healthy approach to a well loved dish!

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