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Next up in the Adopt Don’t Shop Series is a Q&A with V-dog, the vegan dog food company! A vegan company through-and-through they can set you up with some good eats for your furry canine family members!

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Can you tell us a bit about V-dog and how the idea for coming up with a vegan dog food got started in the first place?

V-dog became a company in 2005 when founder Dave Middlesworth brought a UK version of the company over to the USA. We soon after changed the kibble formula to be free of corn, soy, wheat and gluten and added our original yummy breathbones product.

How long has V-dog been around?

We’ve been serving up cruelty-free dog products for more than ten years! That’s a lot of healthy vegan dogs  🙂

The people behind V-dog are also vegan, which is great! What motivates you most to share a plant-based diet with others?

Health and compassion! We believe in compassion for all animals, not just the ones we share our homes with. As vegans, we also have researched and are living proof of the health benefits of a plant-based diet and feel wholeheartedly that our furry canine friends also greatly benefit from a plant-based diet. We also feel passionately about environmental sustainability and a plant-based diet is inarguably the most environmentally sustainable diet on the planet!


What kind of products do you have?

We offer a dog kibble and dog chew bones called “breathbones.” All of our products are and always will be 100% vegan. We are coming out with a new organic product this winter, too…stay tuned!

What ingredients can people expect to find in V-dog? And should people be worried about their dogs getting enough nutrition?

Our kibble is mainly made from fresh peas and has 24% protein content along with every other supplemented nutrient, including taurine and L. carnitine, your dog needs to thrive. Our breathbones pack a nutritional boost with ingredients like sweet potatoes, broccoli and chia seeds. All v-dog products are free of corn, soy, wheat and gluten and are made in the USA.

Your products are made in the USA. What led you to choose to stay local and what benefits do you feel it has?

Staying local with production is not only more sustainable related to emissions/transportation of goods, but producing in the USA allows us to keep our quality standards high and avoid ingredient/recall issues. We’ve never had a recall or production quality issue in over ten years of being in business.  All of our materials (boxes, bags, literature, etc.) are also made in the USA!

I love reading through the testimonials on your website. Are there any testimonials in particular that are memorable or really stand out?

Oh, we love them all! We particularly love Dasol’s story – a blind rescue v-dog from Korea. We’re huge adopt/foster advocates!  It is also amazing to read the allergy cure testimonials. V-dog has done wonders for SO many itchy dogs and doggies with tummy troubles. We love hearing how dogs during transition time will pick out the v-dog kibbles and leave behind the meat-based ones. And some say dogs can’t ‘choose’ to be vegan 😉 (Just kidding! Kind of.)

In addition to sharing some adorable photos, the testimonials also provide a good resource for people considering transitioning their pet to a plant-based diet. Do you have any other suggestions or resources for people who are just looking into it?

Check out our new FAQ page! There is lots of good info on there, including scientific info, for people researching to see if v-dog is right for their pup.

V-dog seems to be for more than just dogs. What other animals have you heard of enjoying v-dog?

We’ve received photos of lots of pigs, racoons, rats and cats all enjoying v-dog kibble! We had one customer tell us that her vet gave her the OK to feed her pig v-dog as her main food, but otherwise, we just recommend it as a snack for non-canine fur babies 🙂

Where can people purchase V-dog food and where do you ship to?

The best place to purchase is on our website with economical shipping and a 5% off subscription option. We also sell at some select stores which you can find here.

And where can people find and follow V-dog on social media?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/vdogfood

Instagram: @vdogfood

Thanks for hosting us on this interview! Xoxo Lindsay, manager of operations @ v-dog


Well, thank you V-dog! It is always so great to see such a dedicated vegan company! And do check out their Instagram page, it’s always chock-full of adorable pictures. 🙂

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