Vegan Websites & Blogs…

Vegan Sites

Abolitionist Approach

Beyond Carnism

My Vegan Directory

The Vegan Society

Main Street Vegan

I’m Vegan




Bite Size Vegan

Voiceless 365

Your Vegan Fallacy Is

Vegan Sidekick


The Dodo

One Green Planet

Latest Vegan News

Vegan Blogs/Websites

Gentle World

Your Daily Vegan

The Thinking Vegan

The Academic Abolitionist Vegan

Indefinite Adventure

The Vegan Scholar

Vegans Are Cool

Eat Plants Drink Beer

Only Buy Vegan

Vegan Black Metal Chef

The Minimalist Vegan

a privileged vegan

Save A Scream

The Vegan Buzz: Magazine Thing

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen

The Vegan Punk

This Rawsome Vegan Life

Vegan Fashion Blog

Green Vegan Living

Vegan/Plant-Based YouTube Channels:

Bite Size Vegan

Gary Yourofsky

The Vegan Buzz

Veg Source

a privileged vegan

Plant Based Judy


Plant Based Guerilla

Plant-Based Athlete

Happy Healthy Vegan

The Banana Girl

The Vegan Corner

Banana TV

The Vegan Zombie



30 Bananas a Day


If you know of any great sites you would like to recommend, email admin [at] theveganjunction [dot] com.

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