Vegan Cornbread Recipe

vegan cornbread positively plant based

Many good memories are made around the dinner table, and this vegan cornbread recipe is just one example of how you don’t need to think that is a thing of the past.

Healthy, vegan meals are something that you can share with everyone. And, if you’re making some of their favourites they certainly won’t want to miss out!

They don’t even need to know it’s vegan. At least, not until they’ve already eaten every last crumb off of their plate and told you how much they loved every bite!

Cornbread is a good example of a popular traditional recipe that only needs a bit of tweaking in order to become healthy and plant-based.

This vegan cornbread recipe from Positively Plant-Based has all of the satisfying texture, aroma, and taste you’re looking for. Yet, unlike more traditional versions, it won’t leave you feeling heavy.

You can enjoy it guilt-free as it’s made only with plants and is oil-free too!

Ingredients you’ll need:

Now you’ll have a healthy vegan cornbread that you can pair with many different dishes. In particular, cornbread goes great with soup, especially a plant-based corn chowder or a vegan chili!

So, eat up, and share some of your kitchen creations with those around you – vegan or not. You never know, one of your meals might just convince them to try this whole vegan-thing!

Get the full vegan cornbread recipe on Positively Plant-Based.

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