Featured Vegan Recipe: Vegan Marinara Pasta Sauce

Because we could all use a go-to, simple to prepare, vegan pasta recipe!

First, find & cook your favourite (whole grain) pasta. Then, load on a veggie-filled pasta sauce like this one from PotatoStrong​. If you add the completed sauce to the cooked pasta and stir it in, letting the mixture sit for a few minutes can make the flavour even more robust. Then enjoy your creation!

For Potato Strong‘s Vegan Marinara Pasta Sauce, herbs, spices, vegetables, and a whole lot of tomato make it a flavour-packed and filling sauce that goes with any meal you like. Don’t be limited to just pasta.

You can use to top pasta or pizza, dip bread into, or you could mix it in with any other grain or potato dish. Ever tried Marinara-topped rice? It’s a culinary fusion; Italian meets Oriental cuisine.

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