Vegan Oil-Free Chinese Red Bean Steamed Buns

vegan oil free Chinese red bean steamed buns Marys test kitchen

A Chinese Red Bean Steamed Bun recipe, made vegan and oil-free, from Mary’s Test Kitchen.

This recipe will allow you to enjoy red bean steamed buns without the vegetable oil, dairy products, or egg wash.

Only plant-based ingredients here.


  • warm water
  • sweetened condensed soy milk (or another condensed plant-based milk, such as coconut)
  • all-purpose flour
  • traditional or instant yeast
  • sweet red bean paste (follow Mary’s recipe, made with unrefined sugar, for a healthier option)

Note(s): It may seem like Chinese steamed buns should naturally be made vegan and without oil, since they’re steamed and, well, buns. So shouldn’t they be made with pretty much just flour, water, and yeast?

But all to often, especially in Western stores and restaurants, vegetable oil, egg, and even dairy manage to make their way into these otherwise low-fat, tasty treats.

Fortunately, this recipe allows you to enjoy a much healthier version without the oil and animal products, and even without refined sugar, if you should so choose.

If you do use soy condensed milk (or another plant-based variety), the fat content of the steamed buns will be a bit higher. However, they will likely still be lower in fat than what you’d typically find in the buns on your local store or bakery shelf.

It’s nice to have a recipe that helps bring things back to a simpler, healthier version. Before all those easy-to-find high fat animal and refined products got in the way.

It’s back to basics with these steamed buns, with a more traditional Chinese recipe.

Want a simple steamed bun recipe? If you’d like a plain steamed bun recipe, without the red bean paste, try this recipe of Mary’s.

You’ll find the full recipe for Chinese Steamed Sweet Red Bean Buns on Mary’s Test Kitchen.

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