Vegan Snack Foods & Products

Vegan products and companies to check out:

Kitchen Supplies

Silpat baking mat
Great for oil-free baking and there’s no need for parchment paper.

Blendtec blender
High powered multi-purpose blender.

Oil-Free Plant-Based Vegan Foods

Pacific Foods low sodium vegetable broth
Oil-free, low salt veg broth.

Wizard’s vegan Worcestershire sauce 
Gluten free, vegan Worcestershire sauce.

Edward & Sons Organic Baked Brown Rice Snaps
Oil-free brown rice crackers.

Vegan Food/Snack Foods

Looking for a vegan snack?

Start with these 40 Tasty Vegan Snack Foods.

More Vegan Snack Food Brands…
Nom Foods (Naturally, Organic Matters)
Vegan popcorn, oat bars, and other snack foods.

Vegan-friendly, aspartame free gum and mints.

Butler Foods
Vegan Harvest Jerky and Soy Curls.

Beanfields Snacks
Bean and rice chips.

Alternative Baking Company, Inc.
Vegan cookies.

Chicago Vegan Foods
Vegan marshmallows, cheese and soft serve ice cream.

A variety of vegan-friendly snack food, whole grains and meal options.

Silver Hills Bakery
Whole grain vegan breads and baked goods.

Crofters Organic
Organic fruit spreads.

Bute Island Foods
Sheese brand vegan cheeses and deli-style meats.

Upton’s Naturals
A wide variety of natural seitan patties.

Vegan Treats Bakery
Shop online for vegan treats and tees.

Non-Dairy Milk

Skip the Dairy: 10 Types & Brands of Non-Dairy Milk

Personal Care/Beauty

Vegan soaps, bath, and cosmetic products…

The Fanciful Fox Handmade Soaperie
A line of natural, vegan bath and body products.

Little Blue Hen Soap Crafting Co.
Vegan natural soap and skin care.

BC Soap Co.
Organic, vegan, chemical free soaps and bath products.

Fresh Handmade Vegetarian Cosmetics with a wide variety of vegan products.

There are a number of vegan toothpaste and shampoo brands out there, many of which are made with more natural ingredients. You can often identify them by looking for vegan and cruelty-free certifications.

Clothing and Shoes

Vegan shoes and clothing…

Eco Vegan Shoes
A wide variety of quality vegan footwear.

Vegan, ethical and sustainable footwear.

Vegetarian Shoes UK

Freerangers UK

Brave GentleMan Custom Suits

ethical WARES
Cruelty-free footwear and accessories.

Vegan Chic

Vegan Kicks

     Tee Shirts
Vegan-themed t-shirts.

Non-Violence United Tees

Vegan T-Shirts

Roots of Compassion

Veg T-Shirts


Online Vegan Shopping

Online vegan shops…

Vegan Store
“Since 1995, Pangea Vegan Products has been the premier source of hard-to-find alternatives for vegans and vegetarians.”

Vegan Essentials
A vegan owned and operated store specializing in quality animal-free products. A “one-stop shopping destination for all things vegan.”

Ethical Stores

Vegan Cuts
“Discover the best vegan products.”

Ethical Wares
Cruelty-free footwear & lifestyle accessories.

Vegan Supply
An online vegan store with hard to find vegan products. Read more about them!


More to be added soon…


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