Vitamin B12 on the Vegan Lifestyle

Here are some videos and articles surrounding the infamous “Vitamin B12,” to help you navigate the issue.

An article by Dr. John McDougall.

And a short video:

An article on Happy Healthy Long Life.

An article by Dr. Neal Barnard on Yummy Plants.

And a short video:

A video by Dr. Michael Greger on on the safest source of B12:

And what is the recommended daily amount:

Also, a brief article on Dr. Greger’s recommended approach that goes with this video:

An article by Dr. Thomas M. Campbell on the Center for Nutrition Studies website.

I hope that helps. Find what is the best method for you.

2 responses to “Vitamin B12 on the Vegan Lifestyle

  • Thank you for posting the links to the articles about B12. I’m bookmarking all of those. Videos tend not to be manually captioned, and the automated captioning that’s available on Youtube is terrible. So I only read articles and ignore all videos (unless they say that they’re captioned ahead of time). (I’m deaf.)

    • theveganjunction
      5 years ago

      You’re welcome. I know the captions are ususally pretty poor on Youtube (the auto-generated ones). Incase you didn’t already know, Greger’s videos are usually manually captioned (in english), which essentially provides an article you can read with/or instead of watching the video. I often prefer to read the article, so I do appreciate this feature.

      Thank you for the note though. I will keep my eye out for quality captioned videos and try to make a mention of this feature in future!

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