Interview with Jill of the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show

whole food plant based cooking show interview

If you don’t already know about it, the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show is a great recipe resource. Salt, oil, and sugar-free, the YouTube channel (and website) features healthy plant-based recipes and cooking tips.

In this interview, Jill shares some of her family’s favourite recipes as well as their experiences with a plant-based lifestyle. 

whole food plant based cooking show interview

Could you share a bit about yourself and what you do?

My Husband and I produce the Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show. It has been up and running for over three years now. We created the show to share with people the recipes that we have created. We used to enjoy going out to eat but after going plant based the Dr. Fuhrman way we found that we weren’t really able to find any place that we could eat. Dr. Fuhrman is not only plant based but also salt, oil and sugar free. We took all of our favorite foods and started creating recipes that followed his guidelines. 

How did you go whole food plant-based? 

We decided as a family to go all in cold turkey. Food addiction is a very powerful thing and really underestimated. We knew that it would be much more difficult to transition than to just go for it. It is too easy to slip back into old habits and then fall off the wagon if you still allow yourself cheat days. 

whole food plant based cooking show interview

What benefits have you, or your family experienced since going plant-based?

We have been going strong for over three years and are still feeling great. We experienced quick weight loss in the first three months while we were sticking to the most strict guidelines from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live. After a while we plateaued with the weight loss but continued to feel great and were full of energy. I had suffered from frequent migraines most of my life but after changing to a plant based diet, they disappeared! All of the aches and pains I had been having, thinking it was just from getting older, also disappeared. No more food crashing, brain fog, or bloating. 

Today we are still feeling great. Feeling great becomes the new normal so when you have an off day you really feel it. For example, you may eat somewhere that is plant based but still uses oil, salt and sugar. Your body immediately feels heavy and overfull and just not well. 

How did you find transitioning your family to whole food, plant-based eating? What was the most difficult aspect?

I think my teenage daughters have struggled more than my husband and I. Peer pressure is rough especially when it comes to food. They were the only kids in their peer group that were plant based. They have each other and us as support but it is hard to be the “different” ones as teens. Now, three years later, they are pros and have risen above the negative comments. They have also helped to transition some of their friends to this way of eating! I’m so proud of them!

What is your favourite go-to, family-friendly meal on a busy night?

Our go to meals are usually meals that I have frozen ahead of time. When I make one of our favorite meals like Peanut Tofu Sauce or Green Curry, I double the recipe so I can freeze the other half for another day. It works like a charm and really doesn’t take that much extra effort.

whole food plant based cooking show interview

Do you have tips or recipes that you like to use for pre-packed lunches (including leftovers that work well in lunches the next day)?

Hmmmm, pre-packed lunches. My green curry recipe is great to pack from leftovers. (pictured above) Also my oatmeal cookies or blueberry cobbler.

And do you have any go-to no/low salt/oil/sugar brands or products that you like to use (for packaged beans, snacks, etc)?

I love Trader Joes Just Beets. They are dehydrated beet chips, and they go great dipped in my hummus recipe. 
I buy my dry beans from Rancho Gordo because they have the best flavor and quality.
LaraBars are also a great snack because they have minimal ingredients of nuts and dried fruit.

Are there any plant-based resources that you would recommend to others?

My book recommendation is Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Where can people find you and your recipes online?

My website is

Be sure to check out this great recipe resource. It’s always nice to have recipes that are already salt, oil, and sugar-free. Making substitutions often works, but it’s even nicer when you don’t have to make any at all. 

Try out recipes like Puerto Rican Beans or a flavourful oil-free salad dressing. Maybe you’ll find a new favourite!

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