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vegan chickpea shepherd's pie

Vegan Chickpea Shepherd’s Pie

This Chickpea Vegan Shepherd’s Pie recipe is from Earth of Maria. It’s oil-free and made with whole plant foods, including...

benefits of regular exercise title

Top 10 Benefits of Regular Exercise

As important as it is, diet is not the only aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, in particular, is essential...

Red Cabbage and Beans

Red Cabbage and Beans

This recipe for Braised Red Cabbage and Beans is an oil-free version from Del Sroufe over on Forks Over Knives....

vegan oil free gravy brand new vegan

Vegan Oil-Free Gravy

This Vegan Red Onion Gravy recipe is from Brand New Vegan. Not only is this recipe oil-free, it’s also low...

vegan oil free Chinese red bean steamed buns Mary's Test Kitchen

Vegan Oil-Free Chinese Red Bean Steamed Buns

A Chinese Red Bean Steamed Bun recipe, made vegan and oil-free, from Mary’s Test Kitchen. This recipe will allow you...

vegan sweet potato mac and cheese cheap lazy vegan

Vegan Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese

A Vegan Mac & Cheese recipe made with sweet potato and almonds from Cheap Lazy Vegan. This recipe is oil-free...

salt free homemade vegetable stock plantplate

Salt-Free Homemade Vegetable Stock

Here is a salt-free and oil-free Homemade Vegetable Stock recipe from PlantPlate. Making your own vegetable stock doesn’t really take...

red beans and quinoa forks over knives

Whole Plant Foods: Red Beans & Quinoa Bowl

This Red Beans & Quinoa recipes is from Forks Over Knives. A simple, yet tasty, whole plant food bowl, this...

oil free vegan teff pancakes

Oil-Free Vegan Teff Pancakes

This Basic Teff Pancake recipe is from Helyn’s Plant-Based Kitchen. Put a bit of whole grain variety into your diet...

oil free dill chive bean dip sweet simple vegan

Oil-Free Dill-Chive Bean Dip

This Dill & Chive Bean Dip or Spread is from Sweet Simple Vegan. Made without oil, this dip is a...

middle eastern quinoa veggie salad

Middle Eastern Quinoa Veggie Salad

Here is a quinoa salad recipe from Forks Over Knives. With lots of fresh herbs and vegetables (or “non-sweet fruit”,...

mango vegan ice cream

Mango Vegan Ice Cream

This featured Mango Almond Ice Cream recipe is from The Bright Bird. Keeping it simple, the few ingredients in this...

Eat plants

Follow a whole food, plant-based diet for optimal health and nutrition.

Be Active

Live an active life. Spend time outdoors. Respect nature. 

Live with compassion

Let compassion lead the way with a vegan lifestyle.