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Top Healthy Plant-Based YouTube Channels

Top 25 Healthy Plant-Based YouTube Channels to Watch

If you’re looking for YouTube channels with a plant-based health focus, look no further. Video form is a great way...

veganism help stop climate change

Is veganism the only way to help stop climate change?

Would you cut out milk, cheese, meat, leather, honey? What if it meant saving the world? More and more research...

Oil-Free Vegan Ramen Recipes

Top 10 Oil-Free Vegan Ramen Recipes

For many, ramen is certainly a favourite dish. And for good reason. It’s a fairly simple meal to put together,...

vegan red lentils with tomatoes

Vegan Red Lentils with Tomatoes 

Here is a simple recipe from Cheap Lazy Vegan that you can prepare without a whole lot of time or...

Vegan Acai Banana Ice Cream with Oats

This recipe from Jasmine Briones of Sweet Simple Vegan combines two vegan favourites—banana ice cream and oatmeal. Along with a...

Easy Vegan Bean and Rice Burrito Recipe

This featured vegan recipe is a Bean and Rice Burrito that you can find on Vegan Adventurist. It’s a simple...

Vegan Kidney Bean & Potato Curry

Here is a whole food, plant-based, vegan curry recipe from Vegan Emily. This Kidney Bean & Potato Curry is salt...

vegan peach blackberry cobbler Plants-Rule

Vegan Peach Blackberry Cobbler

A great late summer dessert, this recipe for Vegan Peach Blackberry Cobbler is from Plants-Rule. While they’re both in season,...

Eat plants

Follow a whole food, plant-based diet for optimal health and nutrition.

Be Active

Live an active life. Spend time outdoors. Respect nature. 

Live with compassion

Let compassion lead the way with a vegan lifestyle.