3 Vegan Carrot Dog Recipes for Your Weekend BBQ

These vegan carrot dog recipes will show you, and everyone you share them with, that vegan hot dogs don’t involve any compromise of taste. Not only are they great for those who would rather avoid “faux” meats, but they’re a healthy option that even kids like!

Load them up with your favourite toppings, or just enjoy them as is. Either way, vegan carrot dogs are sure to be a hit at any BBQ!

The Best Vegan Carrot Dog Recipe Ever

For this recipe from Blacks Going Vegan, marinating the carrots in plenty of flavour-filled liquids will make sure they satisfy. And using a low-sodium vegetable broth can help keep down the salt content without sacrificing taste. If you’re looking for a gluten-free tamari sauce, this one is much lower in sodium than most, yet still packed with flavourful goodness.

Easy and Healthy Carrot Dogs

These healthy carrot dogs on Fat Free Vegan offer another recipe to marinate your carrots, in order to infuse them with flavour. If you haven’t had it yet, you may want to try out coconut aminos suggested in this recipe. Loaded with naturally occurring amino acids, coconut aminos provides a soy-free alternative. And, despite it coming from a coconut tree, coconut aminos doesn’t actually have a coconut-y flavour. It is much lower in sodium option than most soy sauce and tamari options, which is particularly helpful if you want to keep salt content down. Be sure to shake it up before you use it!

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Chili-Cheeze Vegan Carrot Dogs the plant philosophy

Chili Cheese Carrot Dogs

Chili carrot dogs from The Plant Philosophy come complete with recipes for a Vegan Bean Chili and a Vegan Cheezy Sauce that you can load your carrot dog up with. For these two recipes, sautéing with a bit of vegetable broth or cooking with a non-stick skillet can help avoid the need for vegetable oil. And for the Chili Cheese Carrot Dogs you have the option to leave out the oil as well. Once they’re all ready and packed with chili-cheezy goodness, you certainly won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything with these vegan carrot dogs!

Note: Using a non-stick skillet and sautéing in vegetable broth helps to keep these recipes oil-free.

Once they’re all done, serve them up adding whatever toppings you desire, and enjoy!

Who says BBQs can’t be vegan and delicious?!

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