Mango Vegan Ice Cream

mango vegan ice cream

This featured Mango Almond Ice Cream recipe is from The Bright Bird.

Keeping it simple, the few ingredients in this vegan ice cream make it an easy treat to make.

Having a bunch in the freezer allows you to have a snack that’s there when you need it. Especially on those warmer days. Or maybe after a long run or a trip to the gym.


  • frozen mango
  • non-dairy milk (almond or coconut go well)
  • almond butter (optional)

Note: If you’d like a thicker consistency, without having to add the almond butter, you could add in a banana to the mix. That will help to keep things lower in fat.

Also, if you do happen to enjoy some vegan ice cream on a cooler day, having a warm beverage a little while after can help to warm you up again afterwards.

Because sometimes it’s just worth it to enjoy a refreshing, cooler treat. Even on a cold day.

And warming up from the inside often works fairly quickly.

Get the full recipe for Mango Almond Ice Cream on The Bright Bird.

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