No Bake Fig and Almond Squares

Late autumn is the time when many days you just want to curl up by the fire. Along with a mug full of tea, hot cocoa, or a pumpkin spiced beverage, a good book or film is all you need.

Well, almost all you need. A subtly sweet snack can really complete the whole experience. The crowning touch, if you will.

Made only with whole plant foods, these almond, oat, and fig squares from Plant Plate are the perfect accompaniment to go with your nice, warm beverage.


Ingredients for this No Bake Fig Almond Square recipe are:


Healthy and wholesome, you can feel guilt-free as you reach for seconds.

So, sink into that chair with your favourite autumn beverage and a fig almond square, or two in hand.

Find the full instructions on Plant Plate for this No Bake Fig Almond Square recipe.

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