Oil-Free Sweet Mustard Salad Dressing

Oil-Free Sweet Mustard Salad Dressing chef ramses

This oil-free, Datey-Mustard Dressing is from Chef Ramses on Nutrition Studies.

Sweetened with dates, this mustard-y dressing is made with whole plant foods.

The recipe is low in fat, and you can keep it low in sodium too by using a salt-free mustard (or make your own). And using a salt-free homemade vegetable stock makes the dressing more flavourful and healthy too.


Having a healthy, oil-free salad dressing pre-made and in containers in your fridge makes it easier to enjoy a healthy meal.

That way you can avoid those store-bought salad dressings with all of their many ingredients, preservatives, and “flavourings”.

You can take your homemade dressing with you to work or on your errands too. Just pack it in a small jar alongside your salad.

If you’re going to be a while, make sure there’s somewhere you can store it in a fridge, or pack it all in a portable lunch cooler. That way everything will still be still fresh when you’re ready to eat!

Find the full recipe for Datey-Mustard Dressing on Nutrition Studies.

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