4 Simple Smoothie Recipes to Get You Through the Winter

Fruit-based smoothies are an excellent way to increase the amount of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet.

However, smoothies are a lot easier to make during the summer when there is a greater abundance of fresh raw fruit at the stores and farmers markets.

So what about during the winter?

When fresh, local fruit is harder to get, frozen fruit is a good alternative.

And bananas, in particular are a reliable fruit that are available year-round.

Since bananas ripen once they’re picked, you can leave them on the counter to ripen to perfection. If a bunch ripen all at once you can freeze some for future smoothies.

Be sure to peel the bananas before freezing them. You can store them in air-tight Ziploc bags or other sealed container.

It’s important to note that if you are going to be putting frozen fruit in the blender, you should add in water or some other bit of liquid first.

And then letting the frozen fruit sit for a few minutes to thaw out will allow the blender to have an easier time.

If at any time your smoothie is getting a bit thick and not blending as easily, add a touch of water and stir it around. Then try blending again.

Don’t add too much water though, just enough to get the blades spinning.

Smoothies are a nutritious, tasty addition to a healthy lifestyle. And they’re pretty too. What’s not to like?


4 Simple Winter Smoothie Recipes

These smoothie recipes use ingredients that you’ll likely be able to find even in the coldest months.

Nothing too fancy here, just a healthy dose of nutrient-rich goodness to start your day or refuel you after a workout.

1. Blueberry Bliss Smoothie

This blueberry smoothie keeps things straight forward with only three ingredients. You can add a few dates in there as well if you like. And you can use store bought or your homemade almond milk.


  • bananas
  • blueberries
  • almond milk

Get the recipe for this Blueberry Bliss smoothie from Live Love Raw.


simple winter smoothie recipes

2. Sweet Simple Green Smoothie

The rich green colour of this smoothie comes from spinach. But, like the name implies there is a bit of sweet too from the bananas and dates. And the frozen bananas add a creaminess that extra satisfying.


  • spinach
  • water
  • fresh ripe banana
  • frozen bananas
  • pitted dates

The full Sweet Simple Green Smoothie recipe is on Raw Food Recipes.


plant based directory

3.  Summer in a Cup Smoothie

This smoothie recipe has a great colour! It’s because of the frozen raspberries. A warm reddish-pink smoothie is just what you need in the colder months for a bright start to your day. If you don’t have pomegranate juice, you can always use more orange juice—fresh squeezed if you can get it!


  • frozen raspberries
  • frozen banana
  • almond milk
  • pomegranate juice
  • orange juice

Find the recipe for the Summer in a Cup smoothie from Minimalist Baker.


simple winter smoothie recipes

4. 5-Ingredient Detox Smoothie

Last but not least, this detox smoothie recipe is also from the Minimalist Baker. It has a nice, rich colour from the darker berries. The type of berries and fruit juice you add will influence the end colour. With plenty of fruit in this recipe, it balances nicely with a handful or two of greens.


  • frozen berries
  • spinach (or kale)
  • frozen bananas
  • fresh orange juice (or other juice)
  • flaxseed meal

Here’s the recipes for 5-Ingredient Detox Smoothie on the Minimalist Baker.

Note: Using bananas that are more ripe and a bit spotty will lend more sweetness to the recipes. The riper the sweeter.

Of course, for any of these simple winter smoothie recipes you could use all fresh fruit. But the only ingredients you need you should be able to get any time of year. You can use these fruit-filled smoothies to stay healthy during the winter.

Because eating healthy is something you can do in any season, even when fresh produce is at a minimum. During those times it just takes a bit creativity to use what you have available to you.

Summer-time is for enjoying many different types of fresh plant foods. But winter, at least in colder regions is probably when you’ll come to rely on those tried-and-true staples.

There likely won’t be as much variety, but that doesn’t mean the food won’t be tasty.

So give these smoothie recipes a go to add a bit more colour to your winter menu. And if you’re looking for something hearty, stay warm with these holiday oil-free vegan recipes.

Find more tips and resources for living healthy in the Plant-Based Directory.

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