Sore Body? 3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help

Minor body soreness and stiffness is a common occurrence in everyday life. In many cases, the problem is one of taking on more than your fitness level can handle. In other cases, unusual movements can cause simple strains and sprains that linger on in the following days. If you are engaged in home projects, athletic games or other movements that are outside your normal activity, you could end up with a sore body that needs some time and TLC to recover.

Improving Spinal Alignment

An experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor, such as Dr. Jason B Kaster DC, can provide manual adjustment techniques that re-align the spine to reduce pressure on nerves that can cause ongoing pain. In some cases, a series of adjustment sessions are required to ensure that vertebrae remain in the proper position, to allow comfortable movement and complete range-of-motion after an injury.

Treating Painful Muscles

For most minor problems, the R.I.C.E technique, which stands for “rest, icing, compression and elevation,” will be enough to aid healing. However, if the soreness continues for more than a day or two, you may require additional measures that help you get back to top form more quickly. Chiropractors offer a number of different treatment methods to help reduce pain and stiffness, as well as to improve range-of-motion and general mobility. They may apply heat to the affected area to aid healing and improve movement. They may use hand-held devices on areas of the body that help to break up scar tissue and improve normal tissue repair. Laser therapy is used to help heal sore muscles faster. Chiropractors can also provide therapeutic exercise that helps to improve function in affected areas.

Preventing Further Injury of Affected Areas

In many cases, the healing of tissues may require limiting strenuous activities for a period of time. Chiropractors can provide ergonomic recommendations for everyday life that helps to prevent further injury to affected areas. In addition, another aspect of prevention is nutritional counseling that supports faster healing of tissues. These chiropractic measures speed the recovery process, so that you can soon return to performing your normal activities comfortably.

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Most people will experience a variety of physical aches and pains from ordinary actions, such as sports, work tasks, home improvement projects and outdoor activities. Pain and disability from these injuries can be significant enough to impact your everyday actions. A chiropractor can help speed your recovery, with techniques and specialized equipment that helps to repair soft tissues, re-align vertebrae and restore your normal function.

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