Vegan Quinoa Curry Bowl

Vegan Quinoa Curry Bowl recipe by Cathy Fisher of Straight Up Food.

Quinoa is a nutrient and protein-rich plant food that adds a lot of flavour to meals. There are at least a few varieties to choose from, each with their own subtle differences. If you go with mixed quinoa, you can get a bit of everything.

Using frozen vegetables makes this Quinoa Curry Bowl quick to prepare, but don’t hesitate to add in any fresh vegetables you have.

If you don’t have quinoa on hand, rice can be used in it’s place and will still make for a filling meal.


Add some extra flavour and garnish with avocado and sesame seeds, or keep the recipe lower fat and leave it as is. Either way, this vegan curry recipe can easily become a weeknight favourite!

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Find the full recipe for Quinoa Curry Bowl.

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