Top 5 Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks You Need to Have

Top 5 Vegan Oil-Free Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks

At times it seems like everyone has written a book full of healthy recipes.

In each case, it doesn’t take long to realise their idea of “healthy” isn’t quite on point. However, you often don’t get to figure this out until after you’ve bought their cookbook.

There are many good plant-based cookbooks out there to help keep you well supplied with recipes and meal ideas.

But what are some of the healthiest vegan cookbooks with the tastiest recipes?

Although many cookbooks contain whole food, plant-based recipes, they’re often either not all vegan, or they use a few too many processed foods to satisfy your needs.

If that all sounds familiar, then these cookbooks are for you.

The recipes in these books focus on truly healthy vegan recipes. They’re free of oil, vegan, and they focus on whole plant foods.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or are just interested in focusing your diet on the healthiest foods you can, you’ll want to take a look at these!

Filled with lower calorie-density foods that are nutrient-rich, they combine the best of both worlds. By eating a whole food, plant-based diet you’ll be more satiated while receiving the nutrients your body needs.

These cookbooks are 5 of the healthiest whole food, plant-based diet cookbooks you will find.

Top 5 Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks


whole food plant based diet cookbooks

1) Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook by Del Sroufe

Ever popular, Forks Over Knives The Cookbook is filled with healthy vegan recipes. As with their website, the cookbook brings together meals from a variety of plant-based recipes creators. With an emphasis on providing recipes for a whole food, plant based diet, all of the recipes are oil free. An accompaniment to the documentary of the same name, this cookbook has over 300 recipes that can help you on the road to a healthy, plant-based life.

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Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks

2) The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook by Ann Crile Esselstyn and Jane Esselstyn

The whole food, plant-based diet recipes in The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook are created to follow Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s program guidelines as set out in his book of the same name. Dr. Esselstyn’s recommendations for reversing heart disease strongly stress the importance of adhering to an oil-free, low fat plant-based diet in order to reverse heart disease. So it goes without saying that all of the recipes in this cookbook are sure to be made without using oil.


Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks

3) Straight Up Food by Cathy Fisher

Cathy of the Straight Up Food blog creates healthy plant-based recipes that are free from salt, oil, and sugar. Similarly, the Straight Up Food Cookbook is a resource of “SOS-free” whole food, plant-based diet recipes. One of the best things about these recipes is that you don’t need to make any substitutions to make them healthier.

These recipes prove that even sauces and dressings can be made with whole plant-based foods. Rather than using sugar or sugar-like substitutes, apple sauce, dates, and other whole plant-based foods are used for recipes to be sweetened to perfection. For the reasons to remove salt, oil, and sugar from your diet, read Why Go SOS-free?

Straight Up Food has a lot of great meal ideas, like the polenta pizza recipe you’ll find here: 7 Gluten-Free, Oil-Free Vegan Pizza Recipes.


Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks

4) Bravo!: Health Promoting Meals for the TrueNorth Health Kitchen by Ramses Bravo 

Ramses Bravo of the TrueNorth Heath Center has put together a cookbook that’s a compilation of SOS-free whole food, plant-based diet recipes. A reliable source of healthy vegan recipes, complete with contributions from Dr. Alan Goldhamer you can be rest-assured that these meals have been created with your health in mind. Executive chef for TrueNorth Health Center, Ramses knows how to combine health and taste for satisfying recipes!


Whole Food Plant Based Diet Cookbooks

5) The Foodie Bar Way by Timaree Hagenburger

The creator behind The Nutrition Professor, Timaree makes easy to prepare meals that are great for the whole family. With tips for planning ahead so you can have ready-to-go meals that are quick to put together, Timaree shares the whole food, plant-based diet recipes that have helped her family live an active, healthy life.

Healthy meals don’t need to take a long-time to prepare, they can be convenient, healthy, and tasty all at the same time. The Foodie Bar Way focuses on meals where everyone can customise their plate—”foodie bar-style.” It’s a way of eating that ensures everyone can eat healthy and be happy. Especially when kids are involved, that’s a definite win!

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  • Check out Lindsay Nixon’s cookbooks, Happy Herbivore and Meal Mentor sites. I think her cookbooks should most definitely be on the top 5 list!

  • Thank you!! Also How Not to Die Cookbook by Gr Michael Greger is awesome!

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